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  1. Scammers username: china jacky Scammers Profile Link: } Scammers e-mail, skype, OR discord: {contact_info} Proof of e-mail, skype, OR discord: Jacky#4229 check edit overview: check edit check edit Additional Information/Evidence: He is a blackhat, leaking personal information. edits:
  2. During quarantine i've been really bored and hope it ends soon so I can enjoy the summer. I am thankful for 6ix9ine getting released from jail #116 YH
  3. 6IX9INE

    POSSIBLE GIVEAWAY around 8 minutes till livestream
  4. I am not sure how much he wants but it was originally 170m OSRS , for what he quoted when gp was like .5 ish /m for Firecape full void , bgloves , 70 range 75 mage i think rest base i haven't logged into the account just changed the password. I posted the rsn and such in edit logs and could screenshare logging in. or maybe he knows what he did. would just be a partial payment.
  5. Topic Title: 'Scam Report - ronin Scammers username: ronin Scammers Profile Link: Scammers e-mail, skype, OR discord: RoninPK#5987 Proof of e-mail, skype, OR discord: Trade overview: {overview} How they scammed:He never finished the order, took a bond from me and 10m in supplies. He offered to complete and have me pay after he finished it was quoted around 2 weeks for bgloves and additional time for the rest but he made a lot of excuses and always appeared offline. but its not even close by looking at highscores. already got TWC for same thing. , but the weird thing is he left the conversation on powerbot. Erased me on discord and i cannot add him find his direct messages. Might have changed his discord or something aswell and always offline even when i was added asking for more money for supplies which he didn't need yet because i don't think he got pre reqs (skills). Complete chat: {chat_screenshots} it is no longer available , I have a lot of dms , and i dont see any of his because he either removed me & or deleted his account. I just now noticed he said he got hacked and deleted the discord or something that he was talking to me on. Additional Information/Evidence: {addt_info} I can tell 100% that the account doesn't have any of the things he said it would have and he started in November just by judging off the highscores. i posted more additional evidence but it is hidden the account & rsn which staff could lookup.I do not mind the 10m loss or bond. I just don't appreciate the ethics behind taking my order but instead of completing it or working on it just taking more orders. I have not logged into the account since I changed the password to make this report yet.