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  1. Made today minor bug fix. Updated README and added scripts to run this script without any big pain on Linux and on Windows.
  2. This is my first RSBot "script" which I've made and it took few month for me to take. It makes either blue, red or yellow dyes in Draynor. It has a lot of nice things including: AntiBan/AntiPattern, GUI selection tool for dye color and a pretty paint overlay. I'll be happy if someone would check it out, took it for a test or just posted progress pics. I've tested this script pretty thoroughly myself. It shouldn't be containing big bugs that ruin the usability. The code is freely available on gitlab and it's licenced with GPL2. So if you don't like something you can make a pull request or fork the project. I've made more than 1M/hr with this script by making blue dyes before they crashed. The dyes sell pretty slow on GE though.. For more information on my project and for the source code: https://gitlab.com/herr_/multidyes Here's a YouTube video showcasing my script:
  3. This will probably be fixed soon or "soon".
  4. vonribula

    bought a bike today

    Second picture is from HiV (Helsinki-Vantaa airport) and that third picture is from Vantaa too, right? That place from the third picture looks really familiar, could you post coordinates to it?
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    So you got banned the same year you had registered.. Nice!
  6. I was just wondering: how many of you developers implement randomization of task order in your script (Where it's possible) as a anti pattern measure? E.g. turning camera before the task X and sometimes at the beginning of the task X. I thought about this, since if every bot does its tasks in the same order every time, even with different delays they are forming certain obvious patterns regarding the order of the tasks.
  7. The grammar is pretty difficult. You should start from learning the Cyrillic alphabet. After you know the alphabet you could take some university courses on Russian language and grammar or just buy their workbooks and textbooks. You should invest a lot of time in it; read Russian news, literature and just try to find reasons to do stuff in Russian instead of dealing with it in English (e.g. searching information from Google/Yandex in Russian). This will be pretty frustrating in the beginning but once you get a good grasp on Russian language you'll do fine. And don't forget to interact with Russians on the Internet to keep the motivation higher. Good luck. Can't really recommend any courses, sorry.