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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Charlie  Sheen Charlie Sheen 08/09/20 Did some more quests for me Don Broeder Don Broeder
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 08/09/20 bought more gold ez transaction Forgottten Forgottten
ABM ABM 08/08/20 sold him some 07 :3 Don Timon Don Timon
Probemas Probemas 08/08/20 sold him 2b 07. Quick and fast as always. tyvm! Tulpiukas Tulpiukas
Tulpiukas Tulpiukas 08/08/20 Big vouch, sold us 2b osrs, easy and smooth, thanks Probemas Probemas
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 08/08/20 Bought another 40m smooth transaction just like last time! Forgottten Forgottten
Spizz Spizz 08/07/20 got Void and fighter torso for me! L_e_e L_e_e
WYD WYD 08/07/20 Got my Pure quested with all the quest for mithril gloves etc in 2 days! L_e_e L_e_e
Charlie  Sheen Charlie Sheen 08/06/20 another 5 quests done ! smooth as always Don Broeder Don Broeder
WYD WYD 08/05/20 Got me from 76 strength to 90 strength with alots of update about progress! Much appreciated L_e_e L_e_e
ABM ABM 08/03/20 just sold him 63m osrs :3 Don Timon Don Timon
Charlie  Sheen Charlie Sheen 08/01/20 did 11 more quests , Legit and fast as always Don Broeder Don Broeder
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 08/01/20 Very fast easy and helped me step by step bought 40m osrs! Forgottten Forgottten
lewiscass1234 lewiscass1234 07/31/20 sold him 15m, ty Doviz Doviz
Doviz Doviz 07/31/20 Sold me another 15n quick a fast lewiscass1234 lewiscass1234
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 07/29/20 Fast and reliable! Vojan Vojan
ZedRS ZedRS 07/29/20 traded 600m os to rs3, thanks!! zGRundo zGRundo
Charlie  Sheen Charlie Sheen 07/27/20 Did 7 more quests on my ironman , best questing service ever used!! Don Broeder Don Broeder
fstyle fstyle 07/27/20 Bought the 144 Days and it worked. Thanks kitty_alexus kitty_alexus
ABM ABM 07/26/20 sold him 43m 07, fastest guy in the world Don Timon Don Timon
lewiscass1234 lewiscass1234 07/26/20 Sold 37m, thanks! Doviz Doviz
Doviz Doviz 07/26/20 Sold me 37m thanks. lewiscass1234 lewiscass1234
ABM ABM 07/26/20 Brought 25mill. Fast, smooth and trusted noruthunlok noruthunlok
Charlie  Sheen Charlie Sheen 07/26/20 Did 5 quests for me on my ironman very fast and cheap!! will use again Don Broeder Don Broeder
ABM ABM 07/25/20 sold him 75m 07, dealing with him for a while, sold over 2b, great b0y Don Timon Don Timon