Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Ryouji326 Ryouji326 11/14/18 Thanks for trading with us! Have a good one RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
Partypeteshop Partypeteshop 11/14/18 Sold 1.1b RS3 gold. Went about as smooth as imaginable. Viko20 Viko20
mcd123 mcd123 11/14/18 Nice guy . Pleasure doing business with you! DiannBaby DiannBaby
DiannBaby DiannBaby 11/14/18 i thank u! FAST AND RELIABLE EVERYTIME #1 mcd123 mcd123
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 11/14/18 Holy **** that was quick. From purchase to delivery was only a few minutes. Will buy again should I need it. Ryouji326 Ryouji326
Tyhy23 Tyhy23 11/14/18 Middle manned another trade for me :) MadDog22 MadDog22
Tyhy23 Tyhy23 11/14/18 Bought 40m osrs gold from her thanks ! MadDog22 MadDog22
Obito Uchiha Obito Uchiha 11/13/18 Guy is a good dude to work with. Thanks for the account! SyKill SyKill
BufferOverNo BufferOverNo 11/13/18 Sold Him My Services! This Guy is amazing Fast payer and no problems at all <3 Paulo Augusto Paulo Augusto
Paulo Augusto Paulo Augusto 11/13/18 Got me rune defender and torso in one day! super fast! trusted him with over 100m too! superb service A+++++++ BufferOverNo BufferOverNo
javidamme javidamme 11/13/18 Sold me 250m, easy to contact, negotiate with and a reliable seller. Didn't need a mm. PeinPK PeinPK
Mentarley Mentarley 11/13/18 +rep fast trader. good comms. cesmae cesmae
Normalusica Normalusica 11/13/18 Very good service with tons of quests and skilling will continue to use a+++ Oliver Holmberg Oliver Holmberg
WhatATopic WhatATopic 11/13/18 Thanks for trading with us! You're awesome RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
Bogla Bogla 11/13/18 +Vouch for 40M quick service nid_sniper nid_sniper
SuorinAir SuorinAir 11/13/18 awesome seller worked with me and did the trade! thanks! Tweethis Tweethis
Tweethis Tweethis 11/13/18 Sold him 20m osrs, he went first, smooth. SuorinAir SuorinAir
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 11/13/18 Bought OSRS gold. Took a bit to receive but worth the wait. WhatATopic WhatATopic
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 11/12/18 Bought 30m, very fast and easy trade definately recommend !!! Sixhead1 Sixhead1
jaanus puts jaanus puts 11/12/18 I went first, trusted guy RZME RZME
AlbertJan AlbertJan 11/12/18 Thanks for trading with us! You're awesome. RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 11/11/18 Needed some more OSRS gold, luckily RSGM sales always has my back. In al seriousness though, very fast and proffesional trade. AlbertJan AlbertJan
Deoxy Deoxy 11/11/18 Sold him 100m osrs! ty RomeroV RomeroV
ZedRS ZedRS 11/11/18 Trained my agility from 44-65. I went first. Smooth no issues iPhayzee iPhayzee
Christopher Michael Dutton Christopher Michael Dutton 11/11/18 {= CaveMan CaveMan