Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Virtus__ Virtus__ 02/28/20 Good customer, Did a service for him! TopTierTrash TopTierTrash
TopTierTrash TopTierTrash 02/28/20 Done a power level for me super fast I paid first no problems thanks Virtus__ Virtus__
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/27/20 i did bglovers+lunar diplomacy acc for him MysticGold RS MysticGold RS
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/26/20 This dude got me a pet and blowpipe from zulrah on my iron in the same day. Speechless. J9R6 J9R6
Ronin Ronin 02/26/20 Sold us 45M 07GP @, thanks! Chicks Chicks
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 02/26/20 Just bought a bronze GP box for $12 and managed to get 50m! Would like to thank Laura for making the process quick and easy. Adamleng Adamleng
Ronin Ronin 02/26/20 Top guy, smashed out a bunch of quests for me once before for a great price, and doing another bunch now, highly recommended a+ Shanbeau Shanbeau
Fag3xx Fag3xx 02/24/20 Made 3 accs with 7 qp and 37 mage quick and easy. Ty! Zatrex Zatrex
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 02/24/20 Always a costumer of this website no other site gives a price like them. +1 Mustafa Ozturk Mustafa Ozturk
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 02/24/20 Fast, smooth, and very helpful! Andrew Luu Andrew Luu
Searchy Searchy 02/23/20 Bought gold, swift transaction ,fast replies, ty I Hax Rs I Hax Rs
Ronin Ronin 02/23/20 Sold us 61M 07GP @, thanks! Chicks Chicks
TopTierTrash TopTierTrash 02/23/20 Got me full void + three helms. Super fast and even got me extra points. Great guy! iDisturbia iDisturbia
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/22/20 Sold me another sick acc! 3rd one ive bought off him, hes the man #1 seller, always polite and helpful. Kattt Kattt
Shoppa Shoppa 02/22/20 Sold us 1.5b 07GP @, thanks! Chicks Chicks
Ronin Ronin 02/22/20 Completed a service within the given time frame. Nom Nom
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/22/20 Finished B gloves from 96qp in two days. Tyvm Jakethesnake212 Jakethesnake212
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 02/21/20 Legit BreDOOM BreDOOM
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 02/21/20 Got me an onyx on the ironman. Super fast service - Absolute RNG MadLad J9R6 J9R6
ALCHcom ALCHcom 02/20/20 just bought 50m OSRS, really fast and smooth, thanks! jeroen55222 jeroen55222
Memester Memester 02/20/20 sold me 2.8b via paypal, tyvm mate:) Doviz Doviz
Doviz Doviz 02/20/20 Sold 2.8B. I went first, thanks! Fast and easy. Memester Memester
Samirk3 Samirk3 02/19/20 did more skilling for me very quick =) SoSick SoSick
Probemas Probemas 02/19/20 Sold him 1b osr tyvm Tulpiukas Tulpiukas
Chicks Chicks 02/18/20 SOLD ME 200m! THANK YOU BNN BNN