Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Partypeteshop Partypeteshop 09/25/18 Bought 128m, quick and simple. Will use again FruityFriend FruityFriend
Robin Williams Robin Williams 09/25/18 Excellent banner designer! Thank you for designing our banner :) 1337GP 1337GP
1337GP 1337GP 09/25/18 Sold them a GIF banner - They are extremely professional and they don't mess around, A+++++ Robin Williams Robin Williams
Alva Alva 09/24/18 Alva today decided to scam for the cost of an infernal cape service plus the following items: - Twisted bow - Saradomin Godsword - Necklace of Anguish - Occult Necklace - Blowpipe - Master wand - Imbued Heart and lots of supply's. He claimed that he got keylogged and the guy was on his computer and controlled it. All info and proofs will be found in the scam Dispute. Bot Nuke Bot Nuke
kingdarius96 kingdarius96 09/24/18 Commissioned a script, easy to trade with. Nom Nom
Nom Nom 09/23/18 made a simple script for the public community works great thanks kingdarius96 kingdarius96
Yoshiki Yoshiki 09/23/18 Sold Yoshi 50m Gp, transaction went by quick with no problems :D SellYouSt00f SellYouSt00f
SellYouSt00f SellYouSt00f 09/23/18 Bought 50m from him :) Yoshiki Yoshiki
14 silem 14 14 silem 14 09/23/18 Thanks for trading with us! Kaii Kaii
mhmd21 mhmd21 09/23/18 did 75-99 range and few other powerlevel wtfmatebro wtfmatebro
Kaii Kaii 09/23/18 fast very fast lol 14 silem 14 14 silem 14
zezima9877 zezima9877 09/21/18 Bought 86m, ty! vl4d4s vl4d4s
Noaboy Noaboy 09/21/18 Purchased fire cape from me, thanks for using service! Zuzel111 Zuzel111
Zuzel111 Zuzel111 09/21/18 Bought a firecape, instant delivery, instant response. Had a special request which other services didn't want to agree to but this man did. Have used before and will use again! Noaboy Noaboy
iPhayzee iPhayzee 09/19/18 Sold him 50m 07! Thanks :). Kaii Kaii
DiannBaby DiannBaby 09/19/18 swapped some sdmm gp! Clarkii Clarkii
Clarkii Clarkii 09/19/18 Bought 900k SDM . thanks bro DiannBaby DiannBaby
Clarkii Clarkii 09/19/18 Bought some SDMM gold off him, thank you! Skrizzly Skrizzly
Skrizzly Skrizzly 09/19/18 sold him 1m dmm for 07 gp, super fast Clarkii Clarkii
Kaii Kaii 09/18/18 Just purchased 50m. Took all of 5 minutes. Quick and easy !! iPhayzee iPhayzee
k3xet k3xet 09/18/18 Staked 500m for me! I fucking won, so trusted him with 1b! good ass dude, also bought accounts from him in the past. kknepper29 kknepper29
notabulbber notabulbber 09/18/18 Purchased fire cape from me, thanks for using ! Zuzel111 Zuzel111
Zuzel111 Zuzel111 09/18/18 Firecape done, fast and professional! Nice! notabulbber notabulbber
choy1 choy1 09/18/18 sold him acc k3xet k3xet
k3xet k3xet 09/18/18 bought acc. good trade :D choy1 choy1