Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Clutchkill Clutchkill 08/23/19 Bought 30m from the fam. Welcome anytime my boy. YH Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
michaeljt666 michaeljt666 08/23/19 Sold 2000m RS3 quick and smoothly imViiZ imViiZ
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 08/23/19 Sold him 30 mil quick and fast! Thanks for everything man, You've been the best! A++ :) Clutchkill Clutchkill
seven eleven seven eleven 08/23/19 Bought 50m OSRS gp, Thank you very much! RS Gold Sales RS Gold Sales
RS Gold Sales RS Gold Sales 08/23/19 Sold 50m everything went smooth seven eleven seven eleven
Linksbro Linksbro 08/23/19 Much love brother thanks for giving us the shot <3 Great lad. welcome back anytime YH Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 08/23/19 Yellow hats services and communication was amazing these guys know how to make sure everything is done properly plus a super fast turn around. I 100% suggest the services they have to offer. Much love thanks again!! I’ll forsure be back!! Linksbro Linksbro
iDisturbia iDisturbia 08/22/19 Did some training for him ThePlug ThePlug
Clutchkill Clutchkill 08/22/19 bought 15m from the fam <3 YH Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 08/22/19 Sold him 80 mil, went first. Yellow Hat has helped me out so much! Best business guy to work with. Vouch 100% A++ Clutchkill Clutchkill
Doviz Doviz 08/22/19 Bought 2m from him. Fast and professional Lalaumj70 Lalaumj70
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 08/22/19 Bought a 40 attack pure. Fast and easy transaction thanks again guys Jakethesnake212 Jakethesnake212
OfficialRsgoldrush OfficialRsgoldrush 08/21/19 Great rs3 gold! snapplehd snapplehd
Chicks Chicks 08/21/19 34M 07 Gold, Fast, Easy Instant The Super Autist The Super Autist
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 08/20/19 Sold him 15 mil, love doing business with him! fast, easy and reliable! A++ :) Clutchkill Clutchkill
Zoroark Zoroark 08/20/19 Thanks for trading with us! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 08/20/19 Brilliant service once again! Bought more OSRS GP no problems Zoroark Zoroark
ZedRS ZedRS 08/20/19 Swapped 135m RS3 for osrs Gold best rate i found and super quick. Will be back again for more. iDisturbia iDisturbia
zapat zapat 08/20/19 Bought 20m 07 from us, thank you! Rasmus Gold Rasmus Gold
ZedRS ZedRS 08/20/19 swapped my osrs to rs3 with by far the best rates and super fast took less than 2 mins to complete IAdvertise4U IAdvertise4U
helpironmanplz helpironmanplz 08/19/19 My boy always comes through even when I forget about payments <3 Had some money I forgot about and sent it + bought some gp. Always welcome my boy. P.S you owe me those boxers ;) YH Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 08/19/19 175M purchased. Flawlessly like a boss... this guy is the best. Only do business with him or his network. helpironmanplz helpironmanplz
bruuni bruuni 08/19/19 Sold me an account, easy to work with and very communicative. Vouch for this brotha. SizzilinBergerz SizzilinBergerz
ThePlug ThePlug 08/19/19 Completed range + strength training in very quick time, great person :) iDisturbia iDisturbia
Alex2012 Alex2012 08/19/19 sold gold, as always great and fast! Resting Dog Resting Dog