Receiver Date Comment Sender  
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 05/27/19 fantastic service. soccer soccer
J9R6 J9R6 05/27/19 Completed Quest cape, NMZ for over seven million xp and did fire cape. Extremely friendly and professional. I would highly recommend anyone in search of services to use him. ZED15 ZED15
MasterOfData MasterOfData 05/27/19 Used his website to buy tutorial accounts, very smooth & legit, thanks <3 zScorpio zScorpio
MasterOfData MasterOfData 05/27/19 Bought Tut island accounts, went quick! SpaceCowX SpaceCowX
K9 Ranger K9 Ranger 05/27/19 Sold user 55m!! PowCoMaui PowCoMaui
PowCoMaui PowCoMaui 05/27/19 Bought 55m from him, thanks a lot K9 Ranger K9 Ranger
rasasas rasasas 05/26/19 Thanks for another opportunity to do business brother. Good guy, pays on or before time, and doesn't bring drama. Always welcome. YH Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Samirk3 Samirk3 05/26/19 Completed 55-60 mining for me, brilliant service all around. Thank you Jamie Copeland Jamie Copeland
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 05/26/19 yo HUGE shoutout to Yellow Hat, a true legend. finished underground pass .and regicide and some boss KC's. super chill guy to just talk to.. very professional.. will be doing A LOT more business in the futere. this man goes above and beyond. rasasas rasasas
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 05/26/19 thanks very fast Hadscape Hadscape
Bogla Bogla 05/26/19 i sold 10 M thank you bogla Alberto Jose Navarro Ruiz Alberto Jose Navarro Ruiz
Meaty1212 Meaty1212 05/26/19 Did more stuff ty Sysm Sysm
Roba Roba 05/26/19 cleaned my windows A++ Defeat3d Defeat3d
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/25/19 Bought 100m quick and easy, YoHoJo is the best Squirrels Squirrels
CrazyPipe CrazyPipe 05/25/19 Sold me 25m good girl she needs to learn spanish tho <3 Hidden Arrow Hidden Arrow
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 05/25/19 I bought 13 Jad KC form Yellow HAt *very fast and professional, will be buying more services from him very soon rasasas rasasas
bruuni bruuni 05/24/19 Sold 204m 07! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
J9R6 J9R6 05/24/19 trained his acc for him A+++ chuckle chuckle
Bogla Bogla 05/24/19 i sold 37m with bogla, ty bogla! always the best! KandyR KandyR
PowCoMaui PowCoMaui 05/23/19 bought 2 twitch primes, he was very helpful devilman12 devilman12
chuckle chuckle 05/22/19 Did some NMZ for me on one of my accts. Thanks man! J9R6 J9R6
Samirk3 Samirk3 05/22/19 Did a great job getting me agility levels in a timely fashion. I 100% recommend buying his service! schoolboyQ schoolboyQ
Slicescape Slicescape 05/22/19 Vouch bought 2b Ikov from him very trusted A+++ zodiac843 zodiac843
zodiac843 zodiac843 05/22/19 sold him rsps gold Slicescape Slicescape
Lugge Lugge 05/22/19 Sold him 2 accounts. He went first, easy and quick! Vouch ! Gandalf Gandalf