Runescape Gambling

Receiver Date Comment Sender  
kev bear kev bear 07/18/18 Sold him 62.5m 07 Gold for LTC. Smooth deal, A+ Buyer! ImBaked ImBaked
ImBaked ImBaked 07/18/18 Bought 62.5m osrs gp from them using Litecoin, was super fast and professional +1 kev bear kev bear
Nom Nom 07/18/18 Let me be a test subject for his new script. Gl man! Zamasu Zamasu
No Prayer No Prayer 07/18/18 Provided an account for script testing, thanks a bunch! Nom Nom
Zamasu Zamasu 07/18/18 Provided an account for script testing, thanks a bunch! Nom Nom
Partypeteshop Partypeteshop 07/18/18 Bought 50m, fast and reliable Lil Klon Lil Klon
Lil Klon Lil Klon 07/18/18 Sold him 50m 07, thanks! :) Partypeteshop Partypeteshop
mond1 mond1 07/18/18 Very trustable guy. Big vouch for him! ydd100 ydd100
ZedRS ZedRS 07/17/18 fastest swap I've ever done would recommend them and cant wait to do more work with them in swapping gold! isuckatrs3 isuckatrs3
sweepsingle sweepsingle 07/17/18 Thanks for trading with us! You're awesome! Kaii Kaii
Mlet Berwari Mlet Berwari 07/17/18 Thanks for trading with us! You're awesome :). WYD WYD
WYD WYD 07/17/18 rent a accont for stakeing went smooth ty Mlet Berwari Mlet Berwari
Kaii Kaii 07/17/18 super fast and professional. was nervous at first but its legit sweepsingle sweepsingle
Fefelapew5 Fefelapew5 07/16/18 Sold more items . went smooth . cheers DiannBaby DiannBaby
DiannBaby DiannBaby 07/16/18 2 purchases, both went fast and smooth Fefelapew5 Fefelapew5
RSmalls RSwalmart RSmalls RSwalmart 07/16/18 Bought acc, very fast and smooth! recommend highly. xxs4vo xxs4vo
Simlich Simlich 07/16/18 Great buyer. Thankyou for choosing ALT 207b Alt 207b Alt
207b Alt 207b Alt 07/16/18 Bought 105m of him. Went fast and good :) Simlich Simlich
kingdarius96 kingdarius96 07/16/18 Did a whole lot of work for me, thank you again Al D Al D
Al D Al D 07/16/18 got them an imbued ring on their pure kingdarius96 kingdarius96
thebonobo thebonobo 07/16/18 Sold us 120m 07! Thanks <3 Kaii Kaii
ZedRS ZedRS 07/16/18 Zed helped me swap my OSRS for RS3, would recommend to others, was safe & quick & dude gave me some great rates! thanks! Allan Ohlsson Allan Ohlsson
Rage4MeDaddy Rage4MeDaddy 07/16/18 Did 21 quests for rage. Great person and nice to talk to Simlich Simlich
Kaii Kaii 07/15/18 Sold 120M for BTC, definitely recommended! thebonobo thebonobo
Simlich Simlich 07/15/18 Simlich did 21 quests for me in a matter of half a day! 100% recommend using him. Extremely understanding and patient. 10/10! Rage4MeDaddy Rage4MeDaddy