Receiver Date Comment Sender  
gdum1990 gdum1990 01/18/20 Known scammer on PA. AVOID! NeedYourAccounts NeedYourAccounts
todtbotter todtbotter 01/18/20 Sold me a 99 FM HCIM with high construction for £50. Great seller, I went first Payson Payson
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 01/18/20 I needed to sell a very small amount of OSRS GP since I was short a few dollars of something. They were the ONLY ones out of all the gold buying websites I went to that was able to accommodate me. Would recommend them for people with small amounts to sell! Zoroark Zoroark
Chicks Chicks 01/18/20 Bought 11m via paypal from lucas he was amazing 10/10 recommmend chicks gold! thankyou!!! Aaronk22 Aaronk22
Zoroark Zoroark 01/17/20 Thanks for trading with us! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
TORCHLC TORCHLC 01/17/20 Sold the lad a 42 def 15 prayer b glove build. Easy trade and user is always welcome back <3 Chat ya soon fam. Yellow Hat Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 01/17/20 bought from him a beast acc! fast and safe! he was patience with me, thanks a lot! TORCHLC TORCHLC
Ronin Ronin 01/17/20 Did zulrah for me for the diary, went very fast. Thanks so much buckoxx buckoxx
Partypeteshop Partypeteshop 01/17/20 bought 100m from his site fast and easy Bermi Bermi
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 01/16/20 Sold a huge bulk of OSRS GP. Sent the feedback as soon as I recieved my payment. Thanks again guys! Zoroark Zoroark
Samirk3 Samirk3 01/16/20 Did some powerleveling for me. great guy would use again thank you nucheh nucheh
Chicks Chicks 01/16/20 Bought 21m! James was great 10/10 recommend chicks gold! Aaronk22 Aaronk22
Chicks Chicks 01/16/20 Quick and easy purchase, answered all my questions! luffyduffy luffyduffy
Chicks Chicks 01/16/20 Great my goto site Scott kurack Scott kurack
Chicks Chicks 01/16/20 sold osrs gold easy transaction thanks! CrownRentals CrownRentals
Chris Chris 01/15/20 Managed my sticky threads for a few months, always coherent and willing to help. Will always choose him as my #1. Thanks again brother, Yellow Hat Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
kolsD kolsD 01/15/20 Made him 4 acc from scratch russian guy russian guy
makemebleed makemebleed 01/14/20 sold him 100m 07 nice and smooth Doviz Doviz
Doviz Doviz 01/14/20 1oom smooth trade, thanks! makemebleed makemebleed
nucheh nucheh 01/14/20 Did for him some levelling! Great guy to deal with, Thanks for choosing me <3 G4ng G4ng
G4ng G4ng 01/14/20 Did 50-62 mining for me. Super fast and nice guy. Thank you. nucheh nucheh
Harris2Dope Harris2Dope 01/13/20 trained a few 99s on his account went great a++ chuckle chuckle
Courtney7x Courtney7x 01/12/20 Purchased fire cape from me, thanks for using ! Zuzel111 Zuzel111
Harris2Dope Harris2Dope 01/12/20 great lad. Fun to chat shit with and is always welcome with the YH family. Treat him right if he ever comes to you. Got him 90 range on his pure + mith gloves dt etc. Yellow Hat Yellow Hat Yellow Hat
Zuzel111 Zuzel111 01/12/20 Second one purchased, fast reliable and reasonably priced. Thanks again. Courtney7x Courtney7x