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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Samirk3 Samirk3 06/03/20 Beat The asshole dragon at the end of dragon slayer 2 for me. Fast timing! emi555 emi555
Chicks Chicks 06/02/20 got 50m from him.. will be using again +++ loud kush pack loud kush pack
prizford prizford 06/01/20 Sold us 1400m 07! Thanks RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
Saad S Saad S 05/31/20 Did 1k laps at agility pyramid for my ironman! Thanks boss :) Jay Em Jay Em
Probemas Probemas 05/30/20 Sold them 2b 07. super quick as usual ty! Tulpiukas Tulpiukas
Tulpiukas Tulpiukas 05/30/20 Sold us 2b osrs for bank transfer :) ty Probemas Probemas
Yellow Hat Yellow Hat 05/29/20 Another great service completed by Yellow Hat! 97 Atk/Str/Def/Range on my ironman completed. daniel0862 daniel0862
LukeFreeLancer LukeFreeLancer 05/28/20 Made him a mining account :) Great trader! G4ng G4ng
G4ng G4ng 05/28/20 Made a new tutorial island account for me and got it some mining levels. Really nice guy and very honest. LukeFreeLancer LukeFreeLancer
ShootinnStar ShootinnStar 05/28/20 Vouch AGAIN for ShootinnStar! Had my skilling for really hard quests such as MM2 and Rolving Elves done by them a while back Decided to have MM2, Rolving Elves, Regicide, etc done by them too! Honestly, it's super nice to have a reliable team managing your order. I'd trust these guys to do a lot and will definitely be back for more services on my future projects! Thanks again @ShootinnStar and really special shoutout to your amazing managers and workers! Mike Rolls Mike Rolls
Powmax Powmax 05/28/20 Made me an OSRS account, really nice guy and easy to work with. LukeFreeLancer LukeFreeLancer
LukeFreeLancer LukeFreeLancer 05/28/20 tottally positive, i sold him a mining acc 5 stars Powmax Powmax
emi555 emi555 05/27/20 I did an FM 80-85 service wonderful customer Samirk3 Samirk3
Samirk3 Samirk3 05/27/20 Completed another leveling service for me extremely fast! Thanks so much man emi555 emi555
Yaz_zaY Yaz_zaY 05/27/20 Sold me Twitch Primes fast and easy trade WYD WYD
WYD WYD 05/27/20 Sold him Twitch Primes, easy trade, very nice person too. Yaz_zaY Yaz_zaY
Chicks Chicks 05/27/20 Bought 55m on their website in under 5 minutes. Fast and Friendly, No G2A garbage. Has own payment portal. nomonada nomonada
Saad S Saad S 05/27/20 Completed broken home challenges - trusted w/ maxed acc Awereness Awereness
ZedRS ZedRS 05/26/20 swapped from rs3 to osrs RsMyyk RsMyyk
Yes Yes 05/26/20 hi 2weeks ago im buy bot but now bot its gone atkociunas atkociunas
ShootinnStar ShootinnStar 05/25/20 Vouch for Ad0oen for a quick and clean Zulrah Kill. The Candy Man The Candy Man
ShootinnStar ShootinnStar 05/25/20 Vouch for ShootinStar's Skilling Services! Needed a few requirements to get MM2 done and they got it done wayyyyyyyyy quicker than I expected. Prices are unbeatable and the process was real easy. Thank you guys! Will definitely be back for questing services! Mike Rolls Mike Rolls
emi555 emi555 05/25/20 I did a skill service for him excellent customer 10/10 I recommend it Samirk3 Samirk3
Samirk3 Samirk3 05/25/20 Did a leveling service for me! Got me 70 agility fast :) Thanks a ton! emi555 emi555
prizford prizford 05/24/20 Sold us 410m 07! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales