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  2. 38-48 fishing 51-53 thieving 58-65 cooking 57-60 mining 38-48 agility 59-61 crafting (glass blowing) 31-50 firemaking all hand levelled please. post offers below.
  3. not really but thanks anyway sorry you don’t have any feedback
  4. @RZME I had this f2p hopping problem, since friday and I am very certain this is getting my accounts banned (probably auto detection) So the problem is the following 1- Dies to pker 2- Hops to f2p world 3- tries to equip glory for 15 mins(cant because its on f2p world) 4- Gets banned due to atuo detection because its stuck I cant use your script while it is like this, its just free bans and waste of money, time, and patientce please take a look thank you
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  6. Pricecheck on my RS3 Main. CB level 110 and total 117* Check pictures!
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