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  2. SanDs

    Road to max melee and slayer

    Lol gl its gona take ages bot smart
  3. hysundrache

    Script issues?

    Mine is still trying to patch itself.
  4. Skyler White

    Pricecheck pure 94mage

    Hey guys, I need a pricecheck. My holiday is coming up, and as I only play on my ironman, I want to sell the acc. Thought it might be good to get a pricecheck first.
  5. Excremation

    [FREE] SudoTitheFarm | Farming

    Omg. Pls hurry Tithe Messiah.
  6. bsdreyes


  7. Excremation

    [OSRS] QuickThiever

    Will Blackjacking support ever be added?
  8. Today
  11. genericskiller

    [OS] Honest Smelter(and crafter)

    Script is still broken after what looks like a few months. Could we perhaps get it removed from the list?
  12. javidamme

    selling bulk feathers and flax

  13. Dbuffed

    Where is donmerch

    Probably necked himself.
  14. Welcome to GrindBusters - The #1 AIO service for Old School Runescape! If you're looking to have your account trained or quested quickly and efficiently then you're in the right place!DISCLAIMER (IMPORTANT):If you do not state otherwise - We/our workers may use AHK. This is something that carries a risk of a ban (48 hour for a first offence, permanent for repeat offences), albeit incredibly small. We are more than capable of doing the service without the use of AutoHotKeys, but the price will be higher as a result of the increased input. Most scripts are 1:1 and are mainly for simple dropdowns - several of these have been used for hundreds of hours of gameplay without ANY issues. Services we offer: - Skilling (NOT including Slayer, Runecrafting & Farming) - NMZ (all builds) - Questing - Firecapes (mains only)Pricing: Please contact us to get a quote! For most skills we will have a standard gp/xp charge. However, added factors i.e. account build and a shorter time-frame will inevitably have an impact on the price! This is the same for quests. All payment is to be made in crypto or GP - Crypto is preferred! Contact us: >> Join The Grand Exchange Discord and contact 'Nate' or 'Veng' << >> Skype: Kreaated or live:vengtrades << >> Discord: Nate#1460 or veng#0001 << >> Powerbot PM << Terms and conditions:1- Payments are ONLY to be given to myself or Veng. Verified workers have all paid deposits which only cover damages to accounts and NOT the service payments themselves. 2- All payments are to be made in full before any work begins. Despite our stellar reputation, a Verified Middleman can be used if you deem it necessary. If this is the case, you (the buyer) will cover 100% of the fees. 3- We will not be held responsible for any bans/mutes/infractions on your account; when ordering from us you recognise the risks of having us or our workers on your account and will not hold us responsible if Jagex take action as a result of this. 4- Once payment has been taken, there will be NO refunds unless for some reason we are no longer able to fulfil your order. Please make sure you definitely want the service before ordering! 5- Before any service begins, you will send a password reset link to the worker completing your order. This worker will then set a temporary password for use during the order and allow you to change it back once your request is complete. 6- You will not recover the account whilst it is in our possession. If you need to terminate your order then contact us and we will allow you to change your password back. Any attempts to reclaim the account prematurely will lead to the order being terminated instantly, without us resuming later. 7- All of our services are hand-done, without the use of bots. If you would like us to take screenshots of progress then this must be requested before the order begins. Images will be kept on file for a minimum of 72 hours after the order is completed, beyond which we cannot guarantee that they will not have been deleted. 8- When requesting a service from us, you understand that we have several workers. Orders will be undertaken by them and, in some cases, multiple workers may have access to your account in order to speed up completion. If this is a problem, please speak to us beforehand to make other arrangements. 9- All valuables MUST be removed from your account before work begins. Only items needed for the order itself should be left on the account and failure to comply with this rule means that we will be unable to assume responsibility for any loss of wealth.Workers:All workers have paid a deposit of AT LEAST $200 - this is to be used in the rare occurrence of a scam taking place. An example of this would be covering the cost of a new account if a worker is found to be botting and it results in a ban, or if they were to ruin a pure and another needed to be purchased. Compensation will only be paid out once an investigation has taken place and Powerbot staff have ruled it necessary. NB: As mentioned in the first point of our terms and conditions, worker deposits only act as account security and do NOT cover service payments.
  15. fury_devined

    Price check on skiller Curious on what it's worth. Zammy halo, rogues revenge, 99 construction, 99 firemaking
  16. fury_devined

    (B) maxed main, also skillers skiller 99 construction, 99 fm, rogues revenge and a bunch of others
  17. felipe2453

    [OS] Quick Fisher | Banking

    why i can see monkfish in colony but it cant start the script
  18. ABMBump

    [PP/MOST CYPTOS] [BUY/SELL] [Good Service] Runescape 07 Gold

    my skype is: live:abrokengold My discord name is: ABM#4865 Always request A PM.
  19. my skype is: live:abrokengold My discord name is: ABM#4865 Always request A PM.
  20. letson

    Script issues?

    update: i agree case closed. cheers mate.
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