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Fastest NMZ (Nightmare Zone) Combat XP Methods - June 2020



NMZ Fast Combat XP Guide

Nightmare Zone (NMZ for short) is a mini game in OSRS which allows you to enter a “dream”, where you can fight a variety of monsters which you’ve faced in quests previously. So, why would players want to do this? Well, there’s two reasons: To gain incredible amounts of experience, and to gain a lot of points, which can be later redeemed to enhance items, as well as other benefits. This guide will specifically focus on Nightmare Zone Fast Combat XP, using the optimal melee setup.


IF you don't want to read a guide and spend time on this, you could always use our software and automate NMZ for insane XP rates! We have 2 options: SUpaZona and NMZ Pro!



For optimal experience gains, we recommend you have at least 43 prayer, 70 attack, 70 strength and 70 defence. At lower levels, the experience rates are slower, and may not be worth the time nor gold investment. At higher levels however, the experience rates increase.


Dharok Setup

The Dharock setup which can draw in up to 180,000 combat experience an hour. Below you can find the optimal setup to bring into Nightmare Zone. Keep in mind, the most recommended gear can be found at the left side, and gradually descends to the right. Find what works for you, so that you can be best geared for the Nightmare Zone.


Helm: Dharok’s helm 
Amulet: Amulet of torture > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Cape: Infernal cape > Fire cape > Mythical cape > Cape of accomplishment > Ardougne cloak 4
Body: Dharok’s platebody 
Legs: Dharok’s platelegs
Weapon: Dharok’s greataxe
Gloves: Ferocious gloves > Barrows gloves > Granite gloves > Combat bracelet
Boots: Primordial boots > Dragon boots > Guardian boots > Rune boots
Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Brimstone ring > Warrior ring (i) > Ring of the gods (i) > Ring of suffering (i)
Special Attack Weapon: Dragon claws > Granite maul


For your inventory, you should carry: Your special attack weapon, 3 overloads, 5 absorption potions, dwarven rock cake, holy wrench and the rest should be prayer potions.


Dharok Strategy

Firstly, to get to the Nightmare Zone, use the teleport found in the minigame tab. Then, pick a hard, customizable rumble and select as the bosses: Moss Guardian, Sand Snake, Ice Troll King, Count Draynor and Arrg. Except the south-east corner, sprint to any corner of the room, drink all of your absorption potions and a dose of overload. Guzzle the rock cake continuously until you’re at 1 hitpoints. Then, flash the Raid Heal prayer once.


You’re now ready to fight. Switch on Piety and strike the spawning bosses. Drink prayer potions as needed. Flash Rapid Heal every 50–60 seconds to stay at 1 hitpoints for the entire trip, so you can handle the maximum damage with the Dharok set, and the bosses can continue to hit 1 damage. If you allow your health to increase to 2, your max hit will be lowered, and the bosses hit 2's on you, reducing your absorption by 2 each hit. If you get above 1 hitpoint, guzzle the rock cake to get back down. You return to 51 HP once the overload expires and you should then sip a bit of overload, and flash Rapid Heal. Once the power surge spawns, activate it, switch to your special attack weapon and use special attacks repeatedly.


Prayer Setup

The prayer setup allows you to AFK the Nightmare Zone, gaining up to 90,000 combat experience an hour. Just like the Dharok’s setup, the same principles apply when selecting the optimal gear.


Helm: Neitiznot faceguard > Helm of neitiznot > Berseker helm > Obsidian helmet > Mitre > Proselyte sallet
Amulet: Amulet of torture > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Dragonbone necklace
Cape: Infernal cape > Fire cape > Ardougne cloak 4 > Mythical cape > Cape of accomplishment
Body: Proselyte hauberk > Initiate hauberk > Monk’s robe top 
Legs: Proselyte cuisse/tasset > Initiate cuisse > Monk’s robe
Main hand: Ghrazi rapier > Abyssal whip > Abyssal bludgeon > Zamorakian hasta > Abyssal dagger
Off hand: Avernic defender > Dragon defender > Dragonfire shield >Toktz-ket-xil
Ammo: Rada’s blessing 4 > God blessing > Rada’s blessing 3 > Rada’s blessing 2
Gloves: Ferocious gloves > Barrows gloves > Regen bracelet > Granite gloves > Combat bracelet
Boots: Primordial boots > Dragon boots > Guardian boots > Rune boots
Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Brimstone ring > Ring of the gods (i) > Ring of suffering (i)
Special Attack Weapon: Dragon claws > Saradomin godsword > Granite maul > Dragon dagger(p++)


For your inventory, you should have: your special attack weapon, 4-6 overloads, a holy wrench, and the rest should either be prayer potions or super restores.


Prayer Strategy

Firstly, get to NMZ by using the minigame teleport. Select a hard-customisable rumble, then choose melee online bosses, such as: Trapped Soul, Count Draynor, Sand Snake, King Roald, Me, Skeleton Hellhound, Tree Spirit, Black Knight Titan, Khazard Warlord, Bouncer and Black Demon.

Enable Protect from Melee and simply drink a dose of an overload, and some prayer potions. Damage boosting prayers like Piety or Ultimate Strength can also be used to increase experience, but it does reduce your prayer points quicker. Use your special attack when you can, especially when the power surge power up is available.


And that’s our Fast Combat XP NMZ Guide, good luck!


Dharoks Set Up

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