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Money Making in Old School RuneScape OSRS - April 2020

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Making Money in Old School RuneScape
Old School RuneScape is one of the most popular multiplayer online games developed by Jagex. Whether you are new to the game or returning after a break, playing OSRS is always exciting. Now, money-making in this game is very important so that you can get important items, new gear and level up quickly. There are various ways to make money but you need to choose those methods that give you maximum profit. In this latest article, we cover the best money making ways in Old School RuneScape game.


Skilling is one of the best methods for making money in OSRS. At higher levels, you can choose skills such as Hunter, Thieving, Farming and Runecrafting for earning millions. But most popular and common skills are Woodcutting, Fishing and Mining. Most of the skills will not require any costs or supplies for starting up. If you are a member, it will be easier to skill because there will be fewer interruptions by other players. If you're interested in making money from hunter you can use our popular bot script to automate it - MrHunter+


Enchanting Sapphire Rings
Rings of Recoil are used for augmenting damage during combat as well as to raise your Magic Level. So, enchanting sapphire rings is a profitable way for players, who want to make money. You should have at least level 20 crafting and a ring mould. Buy sapphire rings at the grand exchange and also cosmic runes, then cast a spell on one ring and wait for it to complete. Bank the resulting Rings of Recoil and sell them for profit at the Grand Exchange. The Grand Exchange is very volatile, so check it before you buy the materials for it. You can use our great magic script to automate this process, MagicPro


Tanning Blue Dragonhide
After becoming a member, you can make money easily without any requirements. One way is to tan blue dragonhide. You don't need any skills but you will need a lot of cash. First, buy as many Blue Dragonhides from Grand Exchange and get them tanned by Ellis at Al Kharid. Trade with him and pay him to tan the dragonhides. Until all the dragonhides are tanned, you will have to run between the bank and the tanner. After that, go to the Grand Exchange and sell the Dragon leather for a profit. We even have a bot for this! You can find it here, ACrafting OS


Crafting a Gold Amulet
In this method, you should have level 8 crafting, Amulet mould and a maximum number of Gold bars you can get.  Go to the Grand Exchange and buy Gold bars, craft the amulets and sell the resulting gold amulets for profit at the Grand Exchange. Before you buy the Gold bars, check the prices of gold bars as well as gold amulets as the prices are volatile. ACrafting also automates this too!


There are many other ways for money-making in OSRS game. All the methods will have different skill requirements and have varying profits. As you level up, the ways for money-making will also increase. You will have to research the items and choose the best method for maximising the profits at the Old School RuneScape game.


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