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Old School hiscores FINALLY fixed?

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Nightmare Loot Table

Fans of Nightmare have gotten some great news in this weeks update as Jagex announces that they have buffed its drops, so now is a great time to get killing and looting. Not only have they increased the chance to obtain uniques, but they have stated that regular drops contain more items now. Whether this will mean more money in the long term, or prices of these items drop, it yet to be seen. 


Boss HiScores
The typical end user may not have noticed but if you have opened the hiscores any time in the past few months you will definitely be aware of how slow they were, sometimes they weren’t even accessible. Jagex seem to have found the issue and are blaming the Boss HiScores, since finding this they have addressed it and whether or not this will have a positive impact will be noticed over the coming days, however there will be no difference for the end user in terms of the data displayed - they have introduced a minimum kill count to reduce the amount of people in the hiscores and reduce the calculations performed. There seems much better ways to do via code improvements rather than adding a cap to it but I guess they felt it was not important enough. Hopefully we see these improvements.


Pvp Drop Delay
Jagex finally listening to the countless reports of players dropping items prior to a PVP death (and robbing the rightful killer of their reward) and have introduce a drop delay of 5 seconds during PVP combat in the wilderness and on PVP worlds for anything priced over 30k. This seems like a fair change, and the 30k limit seems to be to allow people to drop unneeded items such as empty potions and such between altercations.



Image courtesy of Jagex @


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