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  1. Botting has been big in RuneScape since very early on, almost as soon as RuneScape existed - bot development was started! Back then RuneScape was called "RuneScape Classic" which then transitioned to "RuneScape 2" in 2007, and then "RuneScape 3" (RS3). RS3 was rather unpopular however, which lead to the re-release of RS2, now referred to as Old School or OSRS, and it's more popular than ever. As you can imagine, bots for OSRS came back into the scene the same DAY as the official re-release of this game, and hundreds of thousands of players used a bot within the first week of it's release.


    Not much has really changed, however it's no secret than the botting scene now is a bit smaller, but there are also more botting software available than ever before, so it's harder to find the best RuneScape bot. Whether you want the best Combat bot, Woodcutting, Fletching, Money Making, Gold Farming, or a great Agility bot - there are so many available! Ultimately, as you can probably guess, we believe https://powerbot.org is the best! This is not only because it's our own bot, but because we have an amazing and deep history in this area. powerbot, creators of the RSBot software, has been in the RuneScape Cheating scene since 2006, and we are a registered company in the United Kingdom. We not only help our users gain levels in the game, but we support the economy by creating employment opportunities, and helping our employees build skills. Even better, we don't just help the UK economy, we have contractors all over the world helping to create the bots you love.


    But wait, you probably don't care that we create jobs for people - you just want the best software. Well, with 14 years of experience in this area we know we are top of the competition. We create the best RuneScape bot for Windows, Macs, and even Ubuntu.  Botting really could not be easier - especially with powerbot. Our botting client actually attaches onto the official Old School RuneScape client, and even comes bundled with Java so you no longer have to bother with finding and downloading Java, downloading the bot, etc! The headache is gone. Literally, just download RSBot from https://powerbot.org and double click, it truly is that simple.


    Not too long ago we saw the release of Mobile RuneScape and Mobile OSRS. These versions of the game actually use your same game account as the desktop version of the game, meaning to bot on OSRS Mobile you could run the bot on your PC during the day, then log out and play on your mobile at night. RSBot, by powerbot, is truly the easiest bot, the safest bot, and the strongest bot. Not to mention the most infamous and reputable bot.


    Don't delay, use RSBot today!


    runescape bot

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