Premium Script Application Process




If you would like to apply to have one of your scripts added to the Store as a paid, Premium Script, you may send an application, via private message, to be reviewed.

Some things you should include:

  • What script you are applying for with a link to its topic;
  • What features the script has, and what sets it apart from its competition;
  • What price point you are thinking of (how much to charge for the script);


The Application Process

Once received, your application will be reviewed in three stages: Initial Review, Script Review, and Code Review.

How long an application takes is dependent on the script that is being applied for. The first two phases will generally be completed within one-to-two weeks of receiving the application, with the code review being highly variable based on the quantity and quality of the code at the time of application and how quickly the developer may refactor and test the script. In the event that the script requires substantial modifications during the code review, the script review may be repeated as necessary.


Initial Review

The goal of the initial review is to make sure it's worth our time to investigate this script further. There are a few key components that we look for here:

  1. Marketability
    1. Does the script have an established user base?
    2. Is it an in-demand script?
    3. Will it be in demand for the foreseeable future?
    4. Is there a wide audience who would want this script and be willing to pay for it?
  2. Maintenance Record
    1. Has the developer shown a commitment to the script by maintaining it for some length of time?
    2. Does the developer have a history of addressing common feature requests?
    3. Are bug reports addressed and fixed in a timely manner?


Script Review

During the Script Review, functional tests are performed to ensure that the script operates as a user would expect. This includes, but is not limited to, :

  1. Testing features of the script to check for bugs, issues, or inefficiencies to verify they work as intended and as advertised;
  2. User Experience review to ensure the script is easy to start, use, and set up;
  3. Testing to verify the script can be started, paused, or resumed without issue;
  4. Testing the script for how it handles unexpected scenarios;


Code Review

The code review is the last and generally the longest phase of the application process. During this phase, the code of the applying script is reviewed to ensure that the code is written in a manner that is clean, efficient, and easy to maintain. While this is not an exhaustive list, the things that are generally checked for include:

  1. Redundant code;
  2. Inefficient code (unnecessary computations, query abuse);
  3. Lack of logical structure and flow of the project ("spaghetti code")
  4. Overly-tight coupling between components;
  5. Excessive use of Magic Numbers;



The applying developer is generally free to pick their own price, but must be approved prior to placement on the store.

When evaluating price points, we consider consumer demand, complexity of the script, and the value the script may give to the user.

The current available price points are $4.99, $7.99, $9.99, $14.99 and $24.99 - inclusive of VAT for EU customers.