Developer Applications, Rules, Information, and FAQ


Thee Developers section is the hub for the development community at powerbot. While the section is not particularly formal, trolling, useless, or inflammatory posts are not tolerated and will be deleted.



  • The Developers section is for development-related assistance and discussion.
  • General programming questions are allowed, but discouraged. Stackoverflow is much more suited for general programming questions, while RSBot-related questions are more suited here.
  • When asking for assistance, be sure to include any relevant source materials.
  • Before making a thread, be sure to check the FAQs.


  • The Resources section is for tutorials, tools, and utilities.
  • Threads must be approved by either myself or another development-related staff member before they are made public.


  • The Projects section is for projects, complete or in progress, to gather feedback on.
  • Project threads must include a link to the source code. Git-based repositories are preferred, with Github being the most suggested.


Developer Applications

Developer ranks come with many benefits, including all VIP benefits, in addition to the ability to upload scripts directly to the SDN.

If you would like to apply for Script Writer or Scholar, you may post an Application for review.


Rules of the Section

  • If you are not a ranked developer, you may not post on any application other than your own
  • Use of plagiarized work will not be tolerated
  • No flaming or elitist remarks
  • Objective criticism only

Application Guidelines

  • For Script Writer, you must have at least one (1) fully functional script for RSBot compatible with the latest API
    • PowerX (powerminer/chopper/fisher) scripts will not be accepted
    • It is recommended you submit a script from an open Request
    • Multiple script submissions are not required, but certainly appreciated
    • Your work must be uploaded to a public Git-based service (Github preferred)
    • Do not modify the application material while the application is still pending
    • Unless otherwise instructed, you may not reapply within 7 days of your previous failed application



How can I learn Java?

  • By far the best way of learning the Java programming language is to take a course at your school or at a local community college. For American high school students, the College Board AP Computer Science course teaches Java as well as many fundamental CS concepts.
  • If neither of these options are available, then a book is the next best option. The preferred books are Head First Java, The Java Tutorials, and Java in a Nutshell*. All are excellent books and will give you the knowledge you need. Alternatively, Oracle, the company overseeing development of Java, offer free tutorials on their website.

* Java in a Nutshell is for people who have had prior programming experience. It is a fantastic book; it is my personal book of choice and I highly recommend it, but it is a bit difficult for a beginner. I would still recommend that you buy it after you are somewhat comfortable with Java, as it is a great reference book.


How can I learn to write scripts for RSBot?

  • Once you have the basics of Java down, learning the RSBot API is very easy. We have a "Getting Started" guide, many in-depth guides on the API in our Resources section, as well as the standardized JavaDocs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the API and the Query system.
  • Take a look at the Requests section to see what scripts people are asking for, and attempt to make them.
  • You may post completed works in the Projects section and people will give you feedback, hints, tips, and advice on your code.

How do I use scripts I made in RSBot?

What are some good projects to make?

  • If you want RSBot scripts, check out the Requests section.
  • Stanford Nifty Projects page
    • This is a collection of assignments from the Computer Science Department of Stanford University.

    [*]Project Euler.

    • This is largely problem solving and mathematics.

    [*]Both are excellent resources for project ideas to familiarize yourself with the language, strengthen your problem solving skills, and to just kill some time.

How do I become a Script Writer or Scholar?

  • Read the Developer Applications section.