Supports all trees (includes ivy), hardwood Grove, urns and much more!


Complexity 1-6. All bosses. All puzzles. Smart dungeoneering.


Kills chickens in Lumbridge. Up to 400K/hr.


Trains divination for you. All springs and wisps along with chronicle support.

Taverly Blue Dragon Killer

updated August 8th : Kills blue dragons in taverly dungeon. Supports resource dungeon and many extras

Ultra Crafter

AIO Crafter | Universal banking | Armour, Gems, Jewellery, Silver, Pottery, Urns, Glass, Spinning, Battlestaves, and more ! | Sacred needle

Ultra Fletcher

All bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts | Sacred knife

Auto Magic Pro

Trains Magic. Supports all staves, Alchemy, Enchanting, Superheating, Teleporting, Superglass, Make Leather, String Amulet, Humidify, and Plank Make.


Charges air and earth orbs for a massive profit (Money Making)

k0na's Runecrafter

Abyss, graahk, runespan, zmi, pouches, ess mining and regular altars. Everything!


Hunting from 1-99! Supports birds, chins, jadinkos, falconry, lizards & red salamanders.

Auto Roaches Pro

Fights and Kills Cockroach Soldiers for tons of charms and gold. Supports all 3 areas, eating, banking, alchemy, and custom looting.


Supports banking, wilderness death-walking, and 8 frequently used courses! (Agility)

Auto Spawner Pro

Uses Fruit Bat or Spirit Spider to Spawn red spider's eggs and papaya for high-profit money making.

Auto FleshCrawlers

Kills Flesh Crawlers at the stronghold of security. You must have Edgeville Lodestone unlocked.

Auto Firemaking Pro

Trains Firemaking. Supports Bonfires, Fire Spirits, and all logs. Features a Task Queue to select multiple logs to burn.

Auto Mining Pro

Trains mining. Supports 20+ locations, banking, global powermining, world hopping, summoning, superheating, urns, humidify and waterskins.

JFrost Dragons Pro v3

Kills Frost Dragons, now with orb detection. Up to 2M/hr.


Quickly performs alchemy! Supports high + low alchemy, all items + staffs, and the ability to alch your entire inventory at once! (Magic)


The ultimate AIO blacksmith. Supports universal smithing, smelting, and creating damaged chitin!

Delta Quester

Completes quests! See thread for supported quests


Master in slaying Rockcrabs for Combat experience

Auto Fishing Pro

Trains fishing. Supports Banking, Stiles, Powerfishing and Summoning.


Fights ascensions creatures for money (2m-4m/hr) and ranged exp (65k+/hr).

Ultra Herbalist

All herbs, potions, barbarian mix | Pestle and mortar

Auto Fighter

Fights anything, anywhere. Supports banking, potions, food, abilities, alching, and custom looting.


Supports all trees including Ivy and Elder Trees (400k+ profit p/h). See thread for more detail!


Simple and efficient. Supports banking for 20+ locations with World hopping, powermines anywhere, Coal Bag, Rock prediction, Urns


Fishes at multiple locations and banks optionally

DQ Divination

Trains divination: collects from all types of wisps, converts memories/energies to experience.

Elite Woodcutter

Cuts anything | Banking | Powerchopping | Fletching | Firemaking coming soon


AIO Fisher! In memory of QFisher!


Makes bonfires for firemaking xp.


Trains Agility at 5 different courses. More courses coming soon!


Fully Automated Firemaking training, no user input required! Supports bonfires + curly roots.


Smiths and Smelts anything at 6 different locations. Also supports coalbag, chitin scraps, ring of forging and sacred clay hammers.

Man Massacre

Kills level 6 Men in Edgeville, uses abilities, heals in bank if health low, value based looting


Money making. Up to 500K/hr, no requirements

Elite Magic

Trains your magic | Superheating | Alching | Teleporting | Cursing + more coming soon


Spins flax into bowstrings using the spinning wheel in Lumbridge castle.


Trains fishing. Banking or powerfishing, choice of 5 locations. More coming soon!

Elite Agility

Trains your agility | Rooftops | Gnome Stronghold | Barbarian Outpost + more coming soon

Elite Crafter

Crafts everything | Spinning | Jewellery | Armour + Glass coming soon

MasterRockcrabs OS

Master in slaying Rockcrabs for Combat experience

Elite Pest Control

Attains your void sets easily | Item Rewarding + Portal Attacking coming soon

Free Fighter

Kills anything, Abilities (all supported), Cannon, Potions, Bunyip + swallow whole, Unicorn + healing aura. Have a tele/Ectophial in your inventory when you start!

Elite Cooker

Cooks everything | Catherby | Al-kharid | Rouges' Den

Varrock Redberries

Collects Redberries in Varrock South for money


Quickly mines + drops ore for fast experience


Kills cows and loots their cowhide in Lumbridge


Are you lazy and do you need to walk to somewhere?

Elite Miner

Mines everywhere | Motherlode | Global Banking | Essence

Auto Cooking

Trains Cooking. Supports most common foods and locations, bonfires, and urns.


Gain Magic and Smithing experience with ease! Superheats all types of bar, start at a bank with nature runes in your inventory, superheat bound to the action bar and a staff of fire equipped.

JHerblore AIO

AIO herblore script.

Auto Swamp Tar

Collects Swamp tar in Lumbridge Swamp for money [P2P]

Elite Hunter

Catches any creature | Chinchompas | Salamanders | Birds

Delta Kebbit Hunter

Hunts Kebbits for money, 200k/hr


Alchs anything, everywhere, good Magic exp


Crafts armour from leather, hard leather and dragon hide.

Log Artisan Workshop

Cheap smithing xp at Artisans Workshop

Elite Thiever

Steals from everyone | All Npcs, Stalls, & Chests | Banking coming soon

Elite Smither

Smiths & Smelts everything | Multiple Locations | Cannonballs | Jewelry coming soon

Pinokkio's Air Runecrafter

Runecrafts air rune for you and it's also good money.. Version V5.09


Picks Flax And Banks! [Version 0.01]

DQ Livid Farmer

Gain tons of farming, magic, agility, crafting, and construction experience!


Basic free hunter, hunts Birds and Chinchompas

Pinokkio's iChopNShaft

Makes shafts everywhere where normal trees are. 150K/H+

Elite Range Guild

Trains your ranged | Banking coming soon

Auto Falconry

Hunts kebbits at the falconry. Start at the falconry, have coins in money pouch to cover hiring the falcon.

Log Gilded Altar

Train prayer at your own or someone else's gilded altar

Elite Quester

Attains your quest cape in no time | More quests added weekly

Elite Runecrafter

Crafts runes | All Altars + Abyss coming soon

Elite Combat

Fights anything, anywhere | Web Walking | Looting | Eating | Banking | Potions + more coming soon


Mines essence for you at Varrock East

Delta Piedish Maker

Eats pie for money, 500k/hr

Auto Transmutation.

Transmutates items using the Divination skill.

Fishing Logger

Logs fishing times

Water Runner

Fills empty vials, bowls, buckets, and jugs for money. Softens clay too.

OS Tutorial Island

Completes tutorial island

JChaos Dwarf Battlefield

Kills chaos dwarves for dragon pickaxes. 1M/hr.


Universal AIO miner. Powermine, M1D1 or bank your ores anywhere.


Grabs wines near Goblin Village for good money, than banks in falador. Version: 1.15


Plays the Pyramid Plunder mini-game for tons of thieving experience!

Bone Burier

Buries any bone or ash type for Prayer XP

Elite Shop Buyer

Buys out any shop for great money!


Make money with ease. Buys all types of drink from the Inns in Varrock and Falador.

Simple Bank Calculator

Calculate bank value, more features will be added later


Universal thiever, pickpocket anything, steal from stalls.


Unlocks various F2P lodestones

Elite Fletcher

Fletches everything | Cutting | Stringing | Arrows | Crossbows + more coming soon

SimpleFarming BETA

Script will be soon out of beta! It supports most patches, many idle tasks and unlimited setup profiles. See thread for more info.

Auto Runespan

Over 2 years serving the community! Fully automated, siphons creatures and nodes. Hops islands to find better nodes! (supported islands only)Start in the Runespan on the floor/island of your choice

Elite Tanner

Tans items at Al-kharid for great money! | Cowhide | Snakeskin | Dragonhide

Elite Walker

Walks anywhere | Preset Locations | Custom Coordinates

k0na's Herbalist

Trains herblore for you!

Settings Explorer OS

Track client settings changes with ease.


Loots bones and buries them.

Auto Butterflies

Catches butterflies using the barehanded method. All supported

Auto Sourceress's Garden

Make money with ease! Plays the sorceress's garden minigame (summer garden) to collect herbs.You must have an enchanted broom and ring of kinship equipped or the script will not work!


Plays the pest control minigame. Advanced reward options, claims boots.


Kills white wolves in Burthope and loots bones


Purchases silk in Al Kharid good money!


Loots swamp tars for great money, no requirements!

Interface Explorer

Hover widgets and view their details

Auto Softclay

Mines and softens clay in Barbarian village (must have Edgeville lodestone unlocked) or can just soften at the Grand Exchange (start at the GE).


Hunt grenwalls and collect their spikes for some of the quickest money in the game!


Tans your hides in Al Kharid for great money!

k0na's Sorceress Garden

Completes the summer garden for for herbs or sqirks


Buys fur from Baraek in Varrock for money


Grinds chocolate bars into powder and banks, 250-300k/hour


Make money by buying bear furs (20gp each) from Baraek in Varrock. No level requirements, all you need is money.


Plats Flowers and picks them up, VIP+ , great money!

Elite Planker

Exchanges logs for planks from the Sawmill Operator for great money!

Free Fighter OS

Kills anything, looting, Special attack + more!


Collect fungus for massive money making!

AutoSoulWars Pro

MegaZeal! Leading Soul Wars script since 2009! Nightmares18!

OS Varp Helper

Loads varps from the cache


Kills rock crabs at Rellekka


Buys Harpoons at Port Sarim for money. Have ring of kinship in ability bar and have the Port Sarim lodestone unlocked.

TilePath Creator

A utility for creating TilePaths

NeuroFunk PuroPuro

Intelligently plays the PuroPuro minigame


Picks flax at Seers' Village.


Currently supports cutting, features added upon request

OS TilePath Creator

A utility for creating TilePaths


Spins your flax at Lumbridge castle for profit and experience.


Generates a path and prints it in the console.


Slays gelatinous abominations in Taverley.

Elite Herblore

Trains your herblore | Cleaning | Unfinished + Potions coming soon

Auto Thieving

Trains Thieving. Supports pickpocketing and stealing from stalls, eating, banking, and Gloves of Silence.

Settings Explorer

Track client settings changes with ease.

Auto Construction

Builds things for Construction XP. Supports all servants! Features are added per request.


Kills Dagon'hai Monks Near Edgeville for Experience! [Version 0.02]

Elite Flax

Picks flax in Seers' Village for great money!


All in one chopper. Bank or drop your logs.

Auto Summoning

Trains Summoning. Supports Taverly and Kyatt, all pouches, pouch-to-scrolls + Task Queue to make multiple pouches.