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[Coin Swap] fc. Swap your EOC gp<----->2007


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  1. 1. What's the greatest thing about Coin Swap?

    • Getting the deal done in just minutes.
    • The friendly and trusted ranks.
    • The history behind the original swapping fc.
    • The great rates.
    • 100% guarantee of getting your money if you record the trade and use a rank.

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Our fc has been in game since the release of 07. We are currently the most trusted and the original swapping FC, and have middlemanned over 10,000 Bill. You may ask why anyone would use our FC over a free MM here at PB. Let me give you three reasons.


This is what other people say about our fc:










The fc is legit , i've deal over 500m of transaction , only trust ranks , beware of imposter . Other then that very good 




1. Our fc is fast. You will usually find a buyer/seller in 5 minutes and the middle manning process takes, on average, less than 2 minutes.

2. Our fc is secure. All ranks are insured and you cannot lose your money if you use a rank for MM. We did have a situation where a corrupt rank did take money from multiple people and never gave it back, but those people were refunded by Altar.

3. You will find the best rates even with the 5% fee. Since we have so many people swapping gold in the FC, you will always find great rates. 


The current rate seems to be 1:40! Remember, you can ask whatever you want but you may not find a buyer/seller.

This is how the process works:
Join "Coin Swap" fc in Runescape. You then need to find a potential buyer for you 2007 gp. The rates are 100% supply/demand dependent so you will always get a good rate. 
Then, you will PM a ranked person in the "Coin Swap" friends chat, and ask them to be a middleman for you. Then you give your 2007 gp to the rank in w325 lumby, and then you, the buyer, and the middleman hop to w31 lumby. There the middleman will take the EOC money from your buyer, and then give the EOC money to you. 
Then the rank and the buyer hop back to w325 lumby and the middleman gives the 2007 gp to the buyer.

Everyone in the fc are very helpful and will assist you if you have any questions.

Some very important things to keep in mind.
-There are imposters for every rank, always confirm that you are trading the rank in chat.
-Middlemen take 5% commission. 
-All ranks have a max hold. Ask the mm what their max hold is if not sure.
-All ranks are insured. I have 400M max EOC hold, that rank costs 3200m.
-75% people who are ranks are also part of "Altar" clan.
-The fc was made by "Altar". He and "Coin Swap" are the same person.



Here are couple vids of the middlemanning.

If you had a good experience with us, please post about it here.

this is not allowed as u all take a percent and arent verified

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Thanks Ranma. I posted on the application, but I'm not going to recommend you unless I see you being active and helpful in the fc. 

ill be active, but i get much better exchange rate here so i wont be doing any trading

not to mention i didnt put my RSN on the application so how r u gonna know if its me being active or not?

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You can only get a better rate one way. I really don't see a reason why you wouldn't post your RSN name in the app.

because i put the "where did you hear about us" answer as "powerbot"

and i get a better rate here being a trusted market user, people sell to me at 1:30-1:35, in that fc theyre all asking 1:50, so i may end up selling there but not buying

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