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RSBot 2007

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Can anybady help me creating bots for runescape 2007?

So we can control the black market for an item. 

It is very usefull beacouse if we always have botters on for example yew. Nobady can chop them. Therefor they must buy. And we can have sky rocket prices. 

Anybady have any idea of were supposed to make an script? Of rs 2007? When we dont know if they changed values or not?


Kinda sucky realising bots.. The next day after.. So anybady got.. Any opitions?

Or wanna help me``? Im not the best java programmer you see.

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go away

we do not approve of botting here.

Look on google, how, learn and script. If you need help for SPECIFIC stuff please post in Programming.

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scripting != making bot clients.

unless we make a bot client dedicated to chopping yews for 2007 RS to rule the world... muhahahah...


oh wait, that's what OP said.  happy.png

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if you can't use proper grammar you can't create a proper bot either

I would like to make a bot that doesn't use formal English, just to troll those who are natural Grammar Nazis'. happy.png

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Please just stick to Discussion. Don't come in the Programming Section.

Why does everyone in the Programming section hate you?


am I the only one that doesn't know why everyone hates on Xianb?

No, I'm in the dark, too.




OP: There will be bots for 2007 Scape. Heck, I bet old RSBot applications made for that period will be still somewhat compatible (if they even exist). I do & don't hope bots return, I do because...nostalgia. I don't because...This might be out only chance for us to show Jagex that current RuneScape sucks compared to the old days. I foresee a decline in populace in current RuneScape, flocking for old Scape'. I also predict a huge rise in actual player-counts as all oldfags return in droves.



While I'm rambling on: Will all updates after 2007 (i.e., Grand Exchange) be removed? I do hope so. I'll be scruffin' one out, heavily if Falador Garden becomes the trading grounds again.

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