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*Please sell @ +5%*
How to use:
Have 600 + gold in your money pouch
Start the script near the Bank, or Tanner in Al-Kharid, Burthorpe, or Varrock West
Al Kharid support
Burthorpe support
Varrock support
Supports all hides
Supports all potions
Supports preset
Logs out when you run out of hides to tan
Logs out when you have less than 600 gold left 
How to add script:
Search the SDN for rTanner in the VIP section
Click the add button
v0.1 - 3/5/15
v0.2 - 3/22/15
v0.3 - 9/10/18 -Widget/Interaction update
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Tanned 150 hides in exactly 5 minutes, so it works out to 1,800 p/h. Ran flawlessly, good job it's an amazing script.

Thank you for the feedback as this is the most important thing to me. wink.png  

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Yes but that is up to you such as wearing weight-reducing clothing will help.


Everyone else thank's for the feedback wink.png

Can you say what clothes you recommend? thx

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It takes out the hides, clicks once on minimap *stops near the kebab shop* and just stays there :S

What hides were you attempting to tan ? If it were missing an id it wouldn't even go as far as clicking the minimap or else i can add a simple distance check from you to the tanner to prevent it from trying to interact on the edge of your screen. Also make sure you start the script in the bank with an empty inventory.

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Yes the script supports loyal



yes it is working currently.


@Everyone else

Keep the feedback coming I appreciate it and post proggies when possible !

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