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How to scroll mouse wheel?

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So i assume you scroll wheel like this:


But i am not sure what to put inside (). IntelliJ suggests (Component arg0, Component arg1, Component arg2..) boolean.

I tried putting different numbers but it dont accept. I also put true, false, down, up 😄 idk what i am doing. Would appreciate some example.

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3 hours ago, Nom said:

Thank you for answer but ... those are some complicated examples ... cant understand anything... I so what i assume you need to put some kind of widgets as parametres? Cant just put some random integers?



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is used to scroll the mouse wheel until a particular Component is in the viewport - think like the bank interface when you have a bunch of items.

If the item you want to withdraw is at the bottom, you need to scroll until you can see it.


If you just want to scroll the mouse outside of the context of Components, then use

ctx.input.scroll(boolean down)


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