RFungus - 500k+ p/h

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Made this today (13-03) , will update the thread and the script the coming weeks



Starting information

  • Start at clan wars bank
  • Start with Silver sickle (b) in inventory
  • Teleportation
    • Ancient or Salve graveyard tab mode
      • Have tabs in bank
    • Ancient spell mode
      • Ancients spellbook unlocked
      • Kharyrll Teleport requires a magic level of 66
      • Law runes (x2) & Blood runes (x1) per trip
    • Arceuss spell mode
      • Soul rune (x2) & Law rune (x1) per trip
      • 40 Magic
      • Arceuss spellbook unlocked
      • 60% Arceuss Favour
  • Have duel rings in bank
  • Disable swamp warning at Mort Myre gate



  • 42+ Prayer
  • Nature Spirit Quest (up until you acquire the blessed sickle)
  • Blessed Sickle



  • Arceuss and Ancient spellbook/tab support
  • Fast and efficient picking
  • Restore health and run energy at clan wars when low
  • Currently 3 spots (randomizes occasionally)
  • Anti-crash world-hopping
  • Anti-ban


Future (if enough people request)

  • Multiple trips per restoration
  • House portal support
  • Break schedule
  • Rune pouch





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Added more spots (will randomize spot sometimes)

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