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I'm applying for the script writer rank promotion. I'm a student in computer science and i have always had a nostalgia towards OSRS. So i decided to put my gained programming knowledge into a fun project and made a powerbot script.

The script lets you patrol the GE and markets the player as a joke teller, in exchange for donations. When it receives a trade request, it will accept after the customer accepts. When inventory has increased (i.e. gold or whatever item), it will tell a joke. 
There are 10 hardcoded jokes atm, but this can be increased. The marketing shouts are also hardcoded. When its inventory is full, it will bank at GE and continue. I thought this would be a fun script to make and  because I haven't seen it appear on the store.

Here is the link to the repository:


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12 minutes ago, tortidip said:

I didn't know that, thanks for the respons!

What do you mean with 'modifying my structure'?

I meant you already have the base for a script which is good. 

Modifying to another activity and reapplying shouldn't take long. 

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