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Need some opinions please, and if interested in what clicker I'm using just ask below and I'll link if it that is allowed. So I'm doing nmz on normal, I can last about 30 minutes without having to eat/pot. I have found a auto clicker that I can pick a certain area of my desktop and it will click in that area at a random interval. So for my instant I have it clicking at a random spot in my inventory (random spot in all 28 spots) every 1-15 minute interval. I feel I should be relatively safe as its barely any interaction, its random spot and random time so it's never the same action. You all have any experience with this? Or think it should be fine? 


On top of this I will be manually drinking pots every every 5-10 minutes, this is mainly just playing in the background just in case I'm too afk and forget to reset logout timer before the 20 minute timer while in combat 


Please real feedback only

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On 12/6/2018 at 3:20 AM, 888services said:

i used garyshood autoclicker/typer to high alch, worked pretty much from 65-99 without ban

Used this as well. No Bans.

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