RMuler - Mules all your accounts

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So 2 days ago I thought of making a muler. Since bonobo's one isnt on the sdn anymore i decided to make one.

Get it now! --> RMuler

Starting information

  • Have mule accounts in friends list (private friends on!)
  • Type account names in the filter text-field and press ENTER
  • The combo-box will display the top 5 results
  • Add with add button
  • Clear all accounts with clear button
  • No settings will be saved for safety reasons
  • Allow trades


  • Start near a bank



  • Works with RLavaDragons (The RLavaDragons script will hop and trade the mule acc after x profit has been reached) or manually (using it while playing legit)
  • Accept trades from specified users and calculates/banks loot
  • Email notifications per x minutes soon




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