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[Closed] Custom script commisions - 11 orders completed

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As per Powerbot rules, SWs cannot take payment for private scripts. All scripts will be uploaded to the public SDN.


Completed orders

Blast furnace stove refueller

Charter ship molten glass crafter

Single obstacle agility script

Oak plank maker

Barbarian fisher

Iron miner on Fossil Island

Astral rune crafter



RSBOT75 left Positive feedback 

Commissioned Nom for a script; He is very fast and pleasant to work with, and script runs amazing. Will work with again in the future.

Four Pins left Positive feedback

Nom completed a custom script request that I had. Very easy to communicate with and was extremely fast finishing the script (script was finished within an hour or two after paying). I will definitely be back for future scripts!

kingdarius96 left Positive feedback

made a simple script for the public community works great thanks

person left Positive feedback

Completed a script for me very quickly and woring well

God_Desiray left Positive feedback 

Awesome Script. I ordered the Astral script and it runs pretty damn good. Legit scriptwriter will definitely use his services again!

Hajwaytoomany32 left Positive feedback

AMAZING script work, this is the person to go to for script work!


Order form (comment or PM me on Powerbot)

Detailed description of the task

Must contain all your requirements.


  • Mine gem rocks in Shilo village underground mine
  • Bank via the bank deposit when full or when passing by the deposit with over 20 items in inventory
  • Drop the gems worth less than 500 gp
  • Antiban should hover over mining skill experience and turn camera.

Significant item/skill/quest requirements

e.g. Karamja hard diary

Payment offer

e.g. $35.00 paypal


Scripts that are against Powerbot rules will be rejected.


TOS (updated 26/10/18)

  1. You must give a full description of the script including all features, paint info, GUI, before I start.
  2. Any changes in requirements after starting will be rejected unless you pay a fee and extra according to the new requirements.
  3. I am not accountable for any losses or bans by the use of these scripts.
  4. I will use my own account to write scripts, otherwise you will provide an account if mine doesn't have the requirements.
  5. All payments are final.
  6. I reserve the right to deny any script request for any reason. 


Script packages (updated 13/12/18)

All packages come free with my custom anti-pattern GUI.


All packages:

Anti-pattern GUI
Fail-safe script termination if script gets stuck

Informative paint

  • Runtime
  • Stats per hour
  • Time to level up

Ability to choose if the script is VIP or not

Extra features will not be added after work has started on the script


Free bug fixing for 30 days once the script is in working condition* or 3 days after script is uploaded, whichever is sooner.

Free minor tweaks for 7 days once the script is in working condition* or 3 days after script is uploaded, whichever is sooner.

*Script is considered in working condition when you have used it 2 hours total.


Basic script

Minimum price $15.00 USD Paypal. 

Additional costs will depend on your requirements which you must give in full.

No GUI for custom settings.

Up to 5 preset settings in anti-pattern tab.


Advanced script

Additional $10.00 USD Paypal.

GUI for up to 10 different settings.

All available settings in anti-pattern tab and up to 2 custom settings.



Minimum price is $5.00 USD Paypal

Request a previously commissioned script to be fixed, does not have to be original commissioner.

Bug fixing/minor tweaks for 14 days, once the script is in working condition or 7 days after request is made, whichever is sooner.

No feature requests, choose a different package.


If these prices are too high for you, then you can get your request ignored over at Script Requests or comment+subscribe to my Youtube channel and I might make your script for a video.
I'm not going to work $2/hr writing scripts anymore as I'll be getting a lot busier IRL.


Comment+subscribe and I might make your script free for a future video.


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