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STFletching is the final script on your journey to 99 fletching. It encompasses every aspect of the skill and provides a risk-averse method for botting fletching. This script has been designed from the bottom-up. Efficiency and safety are etched into every line of code. This script features one of the top anti-bans on Powerbot currently, encompassing not only many anti-pattern maneuvers; but also many activities specifically designed to emulate human behavior.


Features -


Fletching All Bows

Stringing All Bows

Fletching All Arrows

Fletching All Bolts

Fletching All Darts

Finishing Jewel Bolts

Task Queue - Will progress through tasks as you run out of items

Level Progression - If selected, script will automatically use the best tasks available given in the task queue


This script generates run-specific profiles for each user, allowing each run to be as safe as possible. Despite this it sacrifices very little efficiency. Performing nearly just as well or even better than a human while retaining as much safety as possible. This script utilizes many complex algebraic methods, human-modeled behavior, and mental-fatigue is built into the core of this script.


When using mousekeys (darts or bolts) DO NOT run it for very long. It's a high intensity activity that actual humans would not be able to perform too long.


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How well does this work with darts? Is it safe? I plan to only run the script while actually being at the computer because I just hate doing darts as it kills my wrist 😛

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