[OSRS] Edgeville Clay Softener

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Getting my feet wet in the SDN and figuring out the flow to submit with a clay softener. I saw this request thread:

but unfortunately the available script requires you to be Coma and I am not Coma, so I made my own that doesn't require you to be Coma. You can use it too, if you're not Coma. Coma is welcome to use it too, if Coma wants.



* Start in the Edgeville bank with an empty inventory

* You must have at least 14 buckets in your bank



* Withdraws 14 buckets and 14 clay from the bank

* Runs to the nearest well and softens all clay in inventory

* Returns to the bank and deposits all soft clay

* Runs until you've deposited the last of your clay in your bank as soft clay

* Perfect looping (starts over while keeping the bank tab open and reuses it)


There is no paint for this script, but the routine is simple enough that it's pretty clear what state it's in. The possible states are (in order, and then looping from DEPOSIT_CLAYS to WITHDRAW_CLAYS): 



Code: https://github.com/drusepth/powerbot/tree/drusepth-clay-softener/src/drusepth/scripts

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2 minutes ago, drusepth said:

You can use it too, if you're not Coma.



2 minutes ago, drusepth said:

Coma is welcome to use it too, if Coma wants.


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this would work better 


fill buckets

soften clays

fill buckets

run to bank 

deposit clays

withdraw clays 

soften clays 


withdraw  then back to top


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hello the script is very slow!! Clicking, Turning the camera and wastes a walk with empty buckets to bank!! It doesn't use run energy at 100%!!!


Please speed it up! 👉

No camera rotation to wait for? 👌

Extra inventory of buckets full of water before banking? (and make another 14 soft clay at bank)  🤑🤑🤑

Click dat run button at 30% 😩💦💦💦

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