Al-Kharid Tanner

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Here's quick little script for tanning hides from Al-Kharid.



  • After 10 minutes of runtime, there's a tiny chance for a random short AFK "break" at the bank
  • Handles Tanner door opening
  • Support for dragon / cow hides
  • Stops when out of hides in bank


Just start in the Al-Kharid bank with the desired hide in your bank account, and enough cash to tan the stack of hide.


Report bugs and suggestions!

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seems to just deposit everything in your inventory then awkwardly stand there for awhile till you manually try to take stuff out then it takes 27 coins, or same as hides when they're not in the same tab (rather than just taking things out). it seems to work just fine if you have coins in inventory, and hides with that tab open however.

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