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[RS3] [FREE] [F2P] Barbarian Village Fisher and Cooker

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Hi, this is my first script. Currently only runs on RS3.  Please feel free to test and provide any feedback possible!



- Have feathers in your inventory

- Have a bank preset that puts only feathers in your inventory and save it as your 2nd preset.

- Start near Edgeville/Barbarian Village



- Will go to the Barbarian village fishing spot and fish for Trout and Salmon.

- When your inventory is full, will proceed to cook the fish at the fire inside the Barbarian Village.

- After cooking, will run to Edgeville bank and bank the fish and continue fishing.

- This script can be started anywhere in the process - i.e. if you are already fishing, cooking or banking with the fulfilled requirements, it will just continue from that point.



Here is a sample progress report after 1 hour of running the script.


Here's another after about 2 hours.




- Added a UI to display information. Examples shown above.


Upcoming Features

Will wait for some feedback and will roll out more features soon.



Script now on the open SDN!


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29 minutes ago, Chris said:

Compiler:    package com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflect.opt does not exist


Responded on GitHub. Seems like there is an unnecessary import I accidentally added, sorry!

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8 hours ago, SYeager said:

The only issue I have ran into in 15 mins of my first run is that it will not cook. Any tips on that?

Can you provide more info? What exactly happens?

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Looks neat'o. I remember one like this back in the day, though it used to chop a tree, cook them right there and drop 'em all.


That's a suggestion for ya, good luck!

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