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[OSRS] [P2P] Sorceress's Garden (Summer Herbs)

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Status: (Jan 12. 2018) Available on OSR.



  • Switch to the world with the server closest to your location. This script is low-ping & lag free based. 
  • Start the script inside the lobby or inside the garden you wish to run itself. If the script doesn't know where you are, it won't run.
  • Please make sure your screen is not resizeable and set to fixed mode. This script will not work if it cannot see the things that it should.
  • Under Advanced Options, make sure "Always hide roofs" is turned on



  • This script will collect herbs or fruits by playing the Sorceress's Garden minigame on OSRS.
  • Currently, this script will ONLY collect herbs from the Summer garden.


Minigame Prerequisites: 

  • Completion of the quest Prince Ali Rescue.
  • Talk with Osmar about stealing Sq'irk juice.
  • Talk with the Apprentice about the secret garden.


Garden Prerequisites: 

  • Winter - Level 1 Thieving (WIP)
  • Spring - Level 25 Thieving (WIP)
  • Autumn - Level 45 Thieving (WIP)
  • Summer - Level 65 Thieving


Script Features: 

  • Walk and Run Solve Methods
  • Banking at Shanty Pass
  • GUI and Progress Bar
  • Anti-pattern Movement


Author's Note:  

  • While the script can solve the gardens when the player is out of run energy, having a high agility level will still greatly benefit your lap timings.
  • It is recommended that you wear weight reducing armor (such as the Graceful Outfit).
  • While the script has several anti-pattern features, it is still recommended that you do not suicide your accounts and bot more than 12+ hours a day.
  • For helpful tips, follow Chris' thread at
  • Winter, Spring, and Autumn are coded already but not released. I need constructive feedback on Summer before those get pushed.



October 11 / 2017 - Summer Script Released
January 12 / 2018 - Script Pushed
January 12 / 2018 - Available on OSR


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Being a Script Writer, you have access to your own dedicated, private Git repository for your code hosted by us.
Your repo URL is[user id]/scripts. More info here.
There are lots of open Requests that need filled should you find yourself with free time.

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Just an FYI, don't be a dumb-fuck like me and bot it for more than a day or two straight lol. Really good bot though. ;). Worked very flawlessly.

Now that I think about it, I did get stuck inside the door when attempting to bank. (Only happened once though)


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Wanted to add something

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13 hours ago, HDLeech said:

anyone know how much thieving exp it gives per run even with collection of herbs?


It doesn't give any, it literally gives like 60 farming exp or something.. doesn't serve much purpose without going to the center, I guess you can make a bit of money from the herbs? idk

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On 4/22/2018 at 2:38 PM, seraphias said:


It doesn't give any, it literally gives like 60 farming exp or something.. doesn't serve much purpose without going to the center, I guess you can make a bit of money from the herbs? idk

thank you for letting me know.

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On 6/2/2018 at 10:40 AM, gregvickers1 said:

works perfectly, really good script, when is the fruits being put in? as that's the main reason this is used for, would be such good thieving xp

i think it may never be used for picking the summer fruits.

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