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[OSRS] Dr. Duster - Chocolate Duster

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Dr. Duster - Chocolate Duster

This script will use a knife to convert Chocolate Bars into Chocolate Dust, which is F2P and has no requirements.


How to Run

The script is available on the SDN. Please start the script with any bank in the viewport with either an empty inventory or a knife in your inventory.



  • Uses a knife on the nearest chocolate bar in your inventory to convert it to chocolate dust.
  • The script will stop when you're out of chocolate.


Known Bugs/Suggested Improvements

  • Bounding for the knife and chocolate bars are off. This leads to misclicks.
    • To fix, change the bounds of the knife and chocolate bar.
  • Occasionally clicks the knife after clicking the last chocolate bar.
    • To fix, I'd recommend making the condition where it checks if the last bar was turned into dust wait a bit longer.
  • No anti-ban/anti-pattern. (not a bug).
    • Feel free to create your own anti-ban/anti-pattern.
  • Fixed delay divisor during dusting process. (not a bug)
    • Randomize the delay a bit, change it up.
  • Log out after you run out of chocolate. (not a bug).


Please note this script does not have any advanced "anti-ban"/"anti-pattern" features found in my other scripts. As such, I do not recommend you run this script on any account you would care in the slightest was banned. I expect this script to have a very high ban rate.



I wrote this script very quickly for a request. I have no intention of updating this or altering it. I wrote this as a quick break from some of my heavier projects.


Progress Reports

It is worth nothing that the G.E. price for Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Dust is inaccurate. I was able to purchase bars for much cheaper instantly and able to sell dust for higher (instantly/overnight). It's more like 22 - 30 GP per, meaning this script ranges from ~60K an hour to ~100K an hour.




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Withdraws bars and a knife, moves the knife to lower right corner of inventory then it just sits? hmmmm

Edit.. I learned that if the knife is already in bottom right of inventory and then you start script, it works perfect


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On 7/14/2017 at 4:12 AM, Error Term said:

To fix, I'd recommend making the condition where it checks if the last bar was turned into dust wait a bit longer.

anyone can help it wont work for me


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