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[FREE] [OSRS] [F2P] [RUNECRAFTING] Tyskie's AIO TRuneCrafting

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Tyskie's AIO TRuneCrafting



Tyskie's AIO TRuneCrafting is a F2P Runecrafting script. It supports Rune essence and Pure essence.


Minimum Requirements

  • Rune Mysteries Quest Completed.


Starting Information

  • Have Rune/Pure essence in the bank.
  • Wear a tiara of the runes you are making.
  • Air runes:
    • Start in the Falador east bank.
  • Mind runes:
    • Start in the Falador west bank.
  • Water runes:
    • Start in the Lumbridge castle bank.
  • Earth runes:
    • Start in the varrock east bank.
  • Fire runes:
    • Start in the Al-Kharid bank.
  • Body runes:
    • Start in the Edgeville bank.



  • Rune/Pure essence.
  • Runecrafting.
    • Air runes.
    • Mind runes.
    • Water runes.
    • Earth runes.
    • Fire runes.
    • Body runes.
  • Banking.
  • Antiban.
    • Hover over runecrafting skill.
    • Random mouse movements.
    • Hover over random nearby players.
    • Random camera turns.
    • Move mouse out off the screen.







With kind regards,



Edited by Tyskie

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Tyskie = 


  • July 18, 2017

The guy/girl who made this script like so many on this site no longer even visit the site let alone update their script. These script should be taken down as they cause more risk of you getting banned than benefits towards using them.


Do not use this script, it's out of date and doesn't work. The vast majority of the runes don't even work, your acc glitches and just sits in the bank.

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