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Tyskie's TSuperHeat



This script turns ores (+ coal) into bars with the superheat spell.


Minimum Requirements

  • 43 Magic for superheat spell.
  • 15 Smithing for iron bars.


Starting information

  • Start at any bank.
  • Have a fire staff equipped.
  • Have your nature runes in your inventory.
  • Have the required ores + coal in the bank.



  • Superheat
    • Iron bar
    • Silver bar
    • Steel bar
    • Gold bar
    • Mithril bar
    • Adamantite bar
    • Runite bar
  • Banking.
  • Antiban
    • Hover over magic/smithing skills.
    • Random mouse movements.
    • Hover over random nearby players.
    • Random camera turns.
    • Move mouse out off the screen.









With kind regards,



Edited by Tyskie

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This script is working perfectly for me. I'm getting around 60magic exp an hour and 13,500 smithing exp doing iron bars. 


One note, the anti-ban seems to happen a little too frequently. It's to the point where you actually lose a significant amount of exp/hr on anti-ban. Other than that one critique I would recommend to anyone looking to use this to Superheat.

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Seemed like a script with not much recognition,then i started using it and saw it was pretty good and i was pretty satisfied,but after this week,it just does the first inventory and stops there.


Appreciate a fix :) 


Thank you very much !




Edit: Just updated the OSRS powerbot version,im an idiot,it still works really well :) 

Edited by Swizaw

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This script worked wonders up until the recent update. It now does one inventory of ores then it clicks on the prayer tab and stays stuck there. Please fix this bug.

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having problems aswell take either prayer tab in fixed mode or emote's and music tab in wide screen mode fix would be great and if it runs the speed is good it seems

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