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Didn't notice any salamander scripts available, at least for free. This script currently only runs red salamanders above castle wars.


3 Rope and 3 Small Fishing Nets

Multiples of 20 of any 1 type of rune (I.E 60,80,100,etc Earth runes)

Hunter 59 (to catch red salamanders)




Hunts red salamanders above castle wars in the Ourania Hunter Area.

Banks with Eniola (The guy under the Zamorak alter nearby).

Average in my tests is 150-160 salamanders, roughly 350k gp, an hour.

Handles event tokens, banking deposits anything that's not a net, rope, or your specified rune.

Only uses the triad of young trees that are right near each other, I do realize the 4th is nearby too, but through testing it brought down salamanders per hour. (If enough ask, I'll add an option)

Current setup: the bot checks for traps that have caught, then sets up new traps, then picks up materials from the ground.

I have not run in any mode but fixed; however, it should run fine in all modes.



Log into your world

Start the script, standing in the middle of the 3 young trees, for best profits (Can be started with any young-trees in view, or in the dungeon under zamorak alter)


Once the script is active you'll be prompted to select which rune you'll be banking with (All supported)

[Picture coming once client updates]

Note: selecting a rune you don't have will result in the bot getting stuck in the selection screen when banking, while closing out will stop the script.



Once the current backpack issue is fixed, I'll add an option to release salamanders instead of banking them (Better exp, no money).

Castle Wars / Yanille Banking, this would be free banking, but would take more time.


I'll add proggies as soon as possible (Living in a hostel right now, so internet is spotty)

Also the update to Runescape must be handled, so once that's fixed up I'll try and get some proggies


Choice of salamanders to catch (level permitting)

Banking choice, as listed above

Using all 4 young-trees, instead of just the 3.


Available now on the SDN!


Thanks y'all!


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Added link to SDN

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