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[OS] BankDump

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Dumps (= prints to a log file) all the items in your bank and calculates a hash value for your bank. Useful if you need others to use your account (e.g. to level skills)



  1. Dump your bank and open Help>View Log and copy/paste the content
  2. Let someone else use your account
  3. After he is finished working on your account, repeat step 1 and compare the hash values
  4. Are the hash values the same? He did a good job!
  5. They aren't the same? He might have stolen something!!!


Example - Step 1:


2107 Starting BankDump
2107 The script will automatically stop after 6 hours.
Hash: [B@7d341d3f
281 Coal
4 Clay
59 Shrimps
57 Burnt shrimp


Example - Step 3:


2117 Starting BankDump
2117 The script will automatically stop after 6 hours.
Hash: [B@269a772
281 Coal
4 Clay
59 Shrimps
56 Burnt shrimp


We immediately observe that the hash values aren't the same and look for the stolen item: And yes, someone stole 1 burnt shrimp. Now get dat thief!


Improvement idea from coma: "save a file with the contents, amount, and the hash. then when they run it, show the new hash + the changes since last run"

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