[RS3] Banana->Banana(5) Script [500k/h]

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Banana Filler



Make sure you have plenty of bananas and baskets at your bank.

5 banana + 1 basket = 1 banana(5)

They have a price difference of $447 in market now.

Script->Play, Select (Banana Filler) and click play.


Script Feature:

1.Withdraw bananas and baskets from nearest bank.

2.Making them to banana(5).

3.Deposit into bank.


Script Feature:

1.Improved Fast withdraw and Filling process.

2.You can view your realtime profit on upper lefthand cornner. 




Around 500k/hour







Github Source:


I am applying for ScriptWriter. Thank you!

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You won't get scriptwriter for this script as it is considered too basic. It's a good first project and would be welcome on the Open Repository.

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