[PREMIUM] OSFighter [Universal Automated Banking | All Food | Smart Looting | Safespotting | NPC Profiles]

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Your AIO fighter for OSRS!



  • Smart monster fighting*
    • Fights within a customizable radius
    • Does not kill-steal
  • Advanced looting
    • Picks up any item
    • Allows for prioritizing loot over combat
  • Banking
    • Automatically walks to any bank on the surface of OSRS**
    • Banks looted items
    • Withdraws any amount of any item
  • Full food support
    • Eats anything
    • Allows for prioritizing loot over food
  • Ranged support
    • Safespotting
  • Potion drinking
  • Saving & loading of monster profiles to save time!
  • Easy to use, no overly complicated, cluttered GUIs like other scripts!

*rock and sand crabs are blacklisted

**not all dungeons have been mapped out, feel free to make requests







  1. Load RuneScape in fixed mode (not resizable) and sign in before starting the script
  2. If you want to kill a monster without an existing profile you have to start at the monster location
  3. In order for banking to work you must specify all items you wish to withdraw and their respective amounts



Q: I have X issue (it doesn't do anything / it's not loading monsters in my area / nothing is happening etc.)

A: Try the following before posting:

  • Ensure you're NOT in resizable mode
  • If you are in fixed mode please try restarting RSBot
  • If restarting RSBot didn't work please try restarting your computer 

If neither of these fixed the issue feel free to make a post (include which of the steps you tried).


Q: It stops unexpectedly, why?

A: Please see above and try again. If that didn't resolve it please copy+paste the contents of the RSBot log here (Help -> View Log).

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Been running steadily, killing level 2 Goblins in Varrock for a good half an hour now. Only thing I've noticed is the time delay between the next attack - other than that it's perfect! Can't wait for looting.

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Somehow, I do not work when the food id table did not let anything good compression and it automatically shuts off.

What are you talking about

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Can you make it so it logs out when it runs out of food?, or atleast stops the script? 2 of my accounts died


It works very well otherwise. On some monsters it will try to click the monster's hitbox, but miss and walk to the square under the monster

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After choosing the monsters and starting the script, it just shuts down immediately without doing anything. I managed to start it once but it didn't fight any chosen monsters.

Me too

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Same issue with me, Starts, shows monsters, i highlight the one i want, hit "start" food ID dialog comes up, i leave blank since i wont be using any, hit OK and it shuts off immediately

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