Auto Cremation | Cheap Prayer XP

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  • Uses bones on a fire
  • Grants 250% XP as prayer and 200% as Firemaking XP


  • 1yo2NZE.png


  • Start on the tile you want to burn the fire on
  • Have logs and bones in the bank

How to Get

  • It's on the SDN.

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I  have an idea


(!) Chaos Temple to Edgeville

A. withdraw (type) and (number) of logs from bank.

B. run to chaos temple

C. Picks up bones in random patterns (middle first, east or west second/third)

D. lights fire and ... Magic (you get the idea)

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If there's no fire lit when you start the script it just stands there after withdrawing logs and bones, if there is a fire lit in the place you start the script it with draws everything and then just constantly right-clicks the bones over and over.

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