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[PayPal]Selling maxed Main lvl 138![PayPal]

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Ok guys im selling my main ive been working on for 5-6 years now ITS NEVER BEEN BOTTED ON . Just to clarify this, this account is worth to much for me to get scammed i will not being going first period and i will only accept paypal no swaps. now that, that is out of the way will show pics ENJOY!

please offer Bid starts at : 100$

Current offer : $210 By hammoud12


sorry blocked out alot im paranoid. But you see the good stats over 10 99''s and 97 summoning so almost 11 99's


Wealth :

There is about 60m more of items in the bank this is just all i could get in my pack thing.


Status page:


Ok guys just msn me your offers add me :

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