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  1. WYD

    Car Door rip my finger

    update it about to fall off
  2. You may only operate, or be part of, a service if you have 50 posts and have been registered for at least 30 days.
  3. can u nmz train 12 accounts at same time?  and can u reduce gp/xp for it cuz I got so many

  4. So i was getting my backpack out of the car and my finger was in the way and i have no idea and the door hit it really hard most likey the niall well fell off but i have a full bottle of vodka last night to stop the pain work really well.
  5. Accepted Payment Methods Paypal G2A PAY Bitcoin & Altcoin Current Price :0.19 Visit our Website www.nmztraining.com To avoid Skype impostors please contact us via our Live Chat
  6. I'm offering a basic NMZ starter package going from lvl 3 to 70-60-60, including NMZ quests done for 45m. All you have to do is provide the account, make sure it's bonded and supply some gp for the quests and we take care of the rest.