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  1. Awesome, it seems to click halfway between the furnace building and bank, instead of clicking right infront of the bank, or right infront of the furnace. Changing this would remove looking like a bot. Again, awesome script 35-55 smithing cannonballs so far. Left-clicking the Furnace, brings up the smelt dialog box immediately. Might be better to remove the Right-Click > Scroll through 100 people > Can't find Furnace > Right-Click> scroll through 100 people > found furnace method of finding the furnace . Or maybe rotating the camera point of view, so that it stays with SOUTH pointing up, making the furnace easily Right/left clickable, as well as the Bank booth. Just an idea bro. Let me know if you want to add that shit. Give me a donate link, I'll make it worth your time. Cheers.
  2. The pathing is kind of ridiculous at Edgeville. Why use the minimap to click outside of the bank, then click the booth? When simply clicking to the booth would be what a player would do.. Let me know if this is something you can work on. I'd be willing to send you $5 if you'd fix it. didnt realize this guy posted this. but this. sorry for double post pimp nice script otherwise.