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  1. Free jads?

    Jad only is budget option Its for people who cant afford full service / they dont need help with full service The fact it takes 2-3 mins doesnt mean it should be free. By having jad only being cheaper than full service it's already good deal for customer since he doesnt have to buy the whole run and spend money on that, what he can do himself.
  2. Free jads?

    $3 or 2.5m noones time is free :)
  3. Need fire cape done now

    Taking orders for tomorrow, today is absolutely booked :|
  4. (need)1 def fire cape (need)

    By placing an order at www.sparta.rs
  5. (need)1 def fire cape (need)

    My reply stays the same, first orders first served I don't accept priority fees
  6. (need)1 def fire cape (need)

    No sorry I prerfer having dozen of satissfied customers rather than one satissied and over dozen unsatissfied for extending their waiting times
  7. (need)1 def fire cape (need)

    You are looking for botting or not reputable service then :P Noone legit doing hand done capes has empty queue
  8. (need)1 def fire cape (need)

    $18,90 or 16.5M is price for it , you can order any time at www.sparta.rs , no def xp guarranted