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  1. Coma

    Issue with extending the api

    No problem. Any class that extends an accessor needs to use the generic form and supply your custom context type.
  2. Coma

    Issue with extending the api You need to specify which Context type you're using. You're using the standard RT4 context, which is why you don't see your custom classes. Change your Task class to extends org.powerbot.script.ClientAccessor<your custom context>
  3. Coma

    Issue with extending the api

    Can you upload your code to Github?
  4. Coma

    Issue with extending the api

    To do this, you need to need to use your custom context everywhere you need a context. PollingScript allows you to specify the context type, so you'll need to do this. As an example, I have a top-level Script class that I use: Script<T extends ClientContext> extends PollingScript<T> So my RS3 scripts extend Script<my rs3 context> So your script needs to extend PollingScript<your custom context>
  5. Coma

    RS3 Mining

    Mining was overhauled in RS3. It's not about a "bug", it's about a completely different skill it needs to support.
  7. Construction is a highly repetitive skill. Don't run it for extended periods of time; mix it up with other skills.
  8. Coma

    [SW Application] Fake Joe Budden

    Promoted. Being a Script Writer, you have access to your own dedicated, private Git repository for your code hosted by us. Your repo URL is[user id]/scripts. More info here. There are lots of open Requests that need filled should you find yourself with free time.
  9. Coma

    Using JavaFX as for your GUI

    That would be the issue if he was trying to publish on the SDN. The Security Manager is what is blocking JFX, since it relies heavily on class loaders. We haven't invested in whitelisting it because of the issue mentioned above. There have been people who have posted some workarounds, I can't find the threads right now but I may try to dig them up later. Your best bet is to just use Swing.
  10. not even Americans buy Chrysler. it's the worst American car brand, and that's saying something.
  11. Coma

    Custom local script error

    Nuclear option: Delete the RSBot jar and redownload it. Make a new IntelliJ project. Add nothing but this class and the RSBot reference.
  12. Coma

    Custom local script error

    I would have thought those classes were obfuscated away, so I'm surprised you can reference them at all. Does whatever toolchain you're using modify classes during the compilation process or anything?
  13. Coma

    Custom local script error

    The exception you posted is thrown when the main script class can't be cast to org.powerbot.script.Script. My guesses are: 1. As I mentioned above; 2. You're not loading the script you think you are; Rebuild the project. Double check that you're loading class files from the correct directory.