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  1. Coma

    I believe

    you forgot the keys
  2. it means there's no logs in your queue. Double click the logs to add them to your queue.
  3. it's a security feature we implemented so users need to explicitly allow trading.
  4. Coma

    I believe

    he posted then thread then signed off.
  5. No. If you choose to save your credentials in the RSBot client, they are stored locally only and encrypted. They are not transmitted to our servers at all. More than likely, you are infected with some form of malicious software - a keylogger probably - or you used the same email/password somewhere else that was taken in a breach. Download and install Malwarebytes. Run a complete scan. This will remove any malware. Change all of your passwords. Not just RuneScape related passwords, but EVERYTHING. If you were keylogged, then all of your accounts are compromised. Enable two-factor authentication wherever you can, especially your email since that can be used to steal other accounts. Read this.
  6. Coma

    I believe

    that's nice, Cher.
  7. "service host" is a legitimate Windows process, but if your computer is at 48% CPU usage with just Spotify open then really the issue is you need a better computer.
  8. You don't "install" powerbot - it's just an executable Java file that you can run - and has no impact on system performance. Open Task Manager and see what's running with high CPU and/or disk usage.
  9. This is an activity which you can only do once - why would you ever need a script for an activity which takes all of 30 seconds and is non-repeatable?
  10. Coma

    interview with Amazon

    they didn't. I said i wouldn't accept their offer IF they made me one.
  11. Coma

    interview with Amazon

    it's Thursday
  12. Coma

    interview with Amazon

    i got one of those "recommended for you" emails from Amazon this morning and it was full of interview prep and algorithm books... that's helpful of them.