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  1. thectrlkey

    Isn’t it time to demote Timer and hand off the torch?

    the best contribution timer had was @Megatron
  2. thectrlkey

    free money

    wow shadow ballin now. i remember when he used to be asking for subway money
  3. thectrlkey

    guys i made it to reddit

    i remember a reddit detective found my powerbot account cause i posted my tier 6 wildstalker helm on my skiller, i had to make a new reddit account because of that.
  4. thectrlkey

    W O W 14K M I L E S T O N E

    yea us 09ers haha nice
  5. thectrlkey

    so what now

    play runescape
  6. thectrlkey

    nostalgia thread

    lol this post shows ur a newfag. quick delete
  7. thectrlkey

    Only 110 hours to my

    are you gonna play runescape the whole time
  8. thectrlkey

    jacoff's new game looks cool-ish

    if pubg was made for ps1
  9. thectrlkey

    annual reminder

    my what
  10. thectrlkey

    annual reminder

  11. thectrlkey

    anyone willing to share a decent account?

    what do you think you are? a mod?
  12. thectrlkey

    turtle facts

    Leatherbacks and hawkbill turtles feed on jellyfish and keep their populations in check. Plastic looks like jellyfish when it's floating in the water and that's why so many turtles die from ingesting plastic—they were going for a tasty snack.
  13. thectrlkey

    You're all fucking gay