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  1. thectrlkey

    Fire cape wanted on 1 def 13 prayer account

    Don't expect it to be cheap, 13 pray means you gotta tick eat, which most capers can't do
  2. thectrlkey


    do you still eat pizza
  3. thectrlkey

    Recent activities

    y tho
  4. thectrlkey

    I’ve survived 3 serious suicide attempts

    did u regrat it after doing it. ive read people who jump off bridges and shit regret it instantly
  5. thectrlkey

    I’ve survived 3 serious suicide attempts

    imagine not being able to kill yourself properly
  6. thectrlkey

    final test

  7. thectrlkey

    Runescape vs world of warcraft

    no, search requests don't mean anything. Majority of users search google for Wiki entries hundreds of times a day for RS related stuff, people don't do that for WoW. as bad as the current xpac is, WoW is still more popular than RS ever has been
  8. thectrlkey

    Inside job

    nice try dbuffed
  9. thectrlkey

    rs3 script for cutting elder logs

    wow ur account got banned after you botted? /shocked
  10. thectrlkey

    Is this fire or degenerate music

    mumble rap shit 0/10
  11. thectrlkey

    Any hypothermia or near death experiences?

    I dreamt of nothing one time. like not even just all blackness, literally nothing. it felt like an electric shock in my head and woke me up. psure brain just turned off so technically died