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  1. Description: Telegrabs Wines of Zamorak Location: Chaos Temple Requirements: 33 Magic [500 Total Level to go upstairs] [Robes of Zamorak to Telegrab upstairs] Detailed Requirements: Accessing this floor requires 500 Total level and a set of Zamorak robes (Members are also able to equip the Zamorak Vestment top and bottom). Telegrabbing the Wine of Zamorak on this second floor will not result in the Monk of Zamorak becoming aggressive (though picking it up by hand will) Profit: 300k+ gp/hour Food Support: All Food Equipment Support: Looting Bag (p2p) Other Recommendations: Telerunes Fail Safe Support: Has failsafe features if something goes wrong. Progress Reports:
  2. Description: -Fishes at the barbarian fishing spot -Good Exp per hour for fishing, strength, and agility -Antiban supported -Flawless -Shift drop -Clue Scroll Support Requirements: -48 fishing -15 strength -15 agility Progress Reports: