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  1. They said later today. But who knows. It'll be up eventually just give them time
  2. Yeah I usually do the same. I very rarely just let the bot run for hours unattended and have 4 99s. Who's the scripter you were referring to? Pm me if you don't want it to be public. I'm just interested.
  3. The bot is down rn. Just wait until it's fixed then it'll be pretty self explanatory
  4. The bot is down so you can't currently bot/set anything up. You can get scripts by adding them(+) in the scripts tab. They'll show up once you log into the client
  5. I think you found out your brother is gay.
  6. I think a mod said they're gonna try to get it up later today. Last update i think it took like 2 days to get it back up. Just be patient
  7. I know nothing about IPs. Does accessing a public Wi-Fi change your IP? Or is it stuck with your computer?
  8. Just be patient and do other things
  9. Are you smiling or something? I cant tell :)
  10. SOLD OUT
  11. Bump
  12. If you're not botting what are you afraid of?
  13. Runescape in 2017. LUL
  14. There's a lot you can do to reduce the chance of getting banned. But generally they don't target average users buying gold.
  15. You do custom accounts?