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  1. Yeah it tries to run back and forth between the bank and fountain like it can't make up its' mind lol
  2. All I had to do was just move the bot closer to the bins that contain the items for alching.
  3. Hmm same thing happened to me for a bit as well, but all I had to do was intervene for a little bit and it started doing everything perfectly fine again. You might just have to babysit it for a few minutes and see how it does. Will keep you updated!
  4. Who realistically trains herblore for 2-3 hours straight? Bot smarter! I do half legit and half botted, haven't been banned in weeks.
  5. Jug filler gets stuck occasionally, it would be great if you could add support for lumbridge bank on pvp worlds. My progress window also doesn't seem to appear properly.
  6. DoctorMundo

    [OSRS] STWalker™ -- Autowalker

    Lumbridge to GE it kept running back and forth between those points I marked below. Otherwise it worked flawlessly after I interfered to get it past those points.
  7. How long do you suggest botting this since it's a very popular spot for bots?