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  1. Ben

    Today we attended a special event

    You two look so cute together
  2. Ben


    This is fake news You don't have a girlfriend
  3. Ben

    Your worst hang over ?

  4. Ben


    I don't think you can get sued but they can definitely get his website taken down if jagex request the server host to do so, but I doubt anyone will use his website so I doubt they will care enough to do so.
  5. Ben

    someone sell me osrs for a good price dammit

    I was asking a questioon
  6. Ben

    AFK only slayer.

    Good luck trying to afk a cannon task for 20 minutes
  7. Ben

    someone sell me osrs for a good price dammit

    He wants gp not accounts
  8. Ben

    AFK only slayer.

    This is so retarded just do other things afk when you need to and properly slay in the meantime. You will be getting like 10k slayer xp/hr max with this method lmao
  9. Ben

    fuck you pb

    Ok I can see that you're just retarded from the way you type but SoF was added in 2012 and Hati was in 2011 so the only double xp there was was double xp weekends, they were first added in 2010 of which there was 2, but as you know they weren't as good as what we have now, because you only had about 2-3 hours of actual double xp. There certainly wasn't "double xp in general". I don't see any feedbacks of you selling infernal capes but other than that I don't know what you're bragging about with barrows gloves and afking nmz rofl. I don't really care about "touching you", you're just an idiot.
  10. This script is very bad, lost 4 net trap sets within 30 minutes, just very slow and not smart. Probably maxes at 60% of the normal xp/hr rate and it's not because of it being smart, just slow, was spam clicking on one trap for a while so hopefully no bans. Very disappointing for a script that you have to pay for.
  11. Ben

    fuck you pb

    Hati paws didn't do anything for 99 con also it was added in 2011. How many infernal capes do you have? Factoring in bots now vs then (and they reason they had to remove free trade) todays activity is much bigger.
  12. Ben

    fuck you pb

    I had a max cape in 2010. People have different priorities and aren't retarded PvPers these days, they prefer ironman and PvM in general. Just because you don't like how the game is going doesn't make it objectively better than it was.
  13. Ben

    fuck you pb

    Just a little tip in life maybe don't comment on things you don't know about makes you look less intelligent