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  1. bruuni

    OSRS firemaking bot

    I think in all area's would be great, i think varrock bank would be the easiest ?
  2. bruuni

    Giveaway and a goodbye

    He has a point there bud, the only reason why i could see you getting rid of that is if it's been gained through means which aren't on the straight path.. at that point i'd suggest just returning it back to whoever its from.. again this is just purely an assumption, not saying it was gained by those means.
  3. bruuni

    Giveaway and a goodbye

    Hey bud, gl There is no right and wrong road, its the path you have chosen, stick by it, ride it out and see how it goes.
  4. Used GGboost a load of times, unfortunately the last time i used them the person that carried out the service kept going on my account into ranked games - .. they said it was not their boosters.. changed passwords etc scanned my pc and it was clean, so i put them to the test, done another service and guess what.. booster was clearly still using my account - i would be VERY careful using them.
  5. Hey, i've got a fortnite account i no longer use - played on for multiple seasons and has a good collection of skins etc - the account is currently on xbox and not been used for at least 3 months now. Happy to discuss and show some of the skins it has etc.
  6. Title says it all - pm watyoudoing
  7. pointless item, only good for pures with 1 attack really - and won't really be used by pkers unless risk fighting.
  8. Yeah bud i'm on Xbox - Currently playing division and Black ops 4 - i dont play many campaign based games tbh - i'm all about pvp
  9. Division 2 and Black ops 4 / Blackout - i can carry on on both if needed
  10. well, i've started the rejection process and looking at new cars now!
  11. Getting engaged this year and hopefully buying our first place together! hopeful for some career progression too.