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  1. Hey guys just an update, i just received the 30m from my boy Yellow Hat, thank you a lot for the giveaway and also to @RS2k19 for pointing it out , thank you a lot and cheers bros. (@Daniel and u had to return it rip sorry fam )
  2. i average around 7 to 8 classes a semester and usually complete only 5 i wanna go for 100% . also you know the whole get healthier and work out kinda shit, i'm doing okay but i think i could beast it up what more should a 20 yo guy ask for?
  3. I got a 48h ban and couple months later a perm one, both times i runecrafted, i was like about 50 rc was my lowest skill because tears of guthix and some quests made it sorta high , but this skill is really easy to detect if you bot it , so don't bot it haha
  4. I got to about 1800 total level 90% botted sometimes even did about 12 hours a day. I played legit the first few days and did a lots of quests, every time i botted hard i would do a couple of quests in the end, and sometimes chatted with people. I got caught twice and permabanned , both of those were runecrafting, dont.bot.runecrafting. One of those was nature by the jungle area and the other i was doing lava runes was about to hit a level needed for an achievement i wanted i think a hard one , can't remember which achievement it was, i had about 70 base stats on everything but rc and hunter, now a days i just chill and play rs3 because i use to have an old account there ( not botted ) and im trying to see if it's worth playing. I also got 99 fletching, mining, cooking , firemaking all of those botted, and i got over 150m on the premium Aminer script ( props to the guy who built it , worked wonders to me ) even got a mining pet.
  5. does this support diamond rings on rs3? decent money and crafting xp for f2p
  6. did cook assistant and sheep shearer nicely but didnt walk to varrock.. So i walked to varrock and did the quest alone as well, pretty good script except for that minor mistake, i wish there were more questing scripts oh well
  7. 20 turning 21 this year , joined in 2012 when i was 13 , time flies god damn
  8. With some friends, i completely passed out and woke up in a stranger's house. Turns out it was just a friend of a friend so i wasn't too much of a hassle , i woke up drank a LOT of water thanked him and left, got a uber home and watched FRIENDS the rest of the day
  9. My favourite place is Algarve in Lisbon, Portugal lost my virginity there haha, my original account got banned so i can use some money , training a pure and being a straight forward man got 1800 total by botting decently but runecrafting made me rip. 810
  10. Hello, So my 1800 total account got caught , yikes i know, i had maybe 80% of the quests done, it blows. Maybe in some years i'll get unbanned haha, anyway i want to just have fun and fuck getting rich and feeling all the acomplishments from doing quests and getting high skill levels, can anyone tell me easilly bottable skills to make good money and what type of pures/accounts that are fun to play and pk with ? I'll give an example like for example : 50 attack / 90 range / 90 str , thanks i'll start on another account i guess, got bored of league of legends and i have way lots of time now. Thank you guys