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  1. There have been some reports of bans using this script. You are using this at your own risk. I've taken all the precautions necessary on my part so I'm not going to be held responsible for bans.   Features: Burns logs up to elder Remembers where fires were lit so knows where valid tiles are Will join a lit bonfire or make its own if one doesn't exist Burns logs up to elder Very informative paint Can run from logout Supports jadinkos (might run around cave some but does work well, quick too) Known working locations: GE Varrock west bank (may take some time to run initally but will work after that) Varrock east bank Lumbridge castle Jadinko lair For jadinkos: Bring a bow with no arrows, as it has no anti-combat feature written yet   If running from logout: You must disable the xp pop-ups option under interface in settings