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  1. KeepBotting

    old stuff

    what does backstabber mean
  2. KeepBotting


    hey i think i still have you on steam
  3. KeepBotting

    Fortnite ban?

    fuck off newfag
  4. KeepBotting

    Fortnite ban?

    it's not like his signature doesn't spell it out pretty clearly honestly someone who lays it on that thick probably bought an 09 account to scam with heard it here first aha cheers !
  5. KeepBotting

    old stuff

    nice kezm0n was a fucking dickhead
  6. wym? i don't use that password anywhere anymore
  7. because i don't give a fuck and maingame is intimidating no
  8. doesn't include any OSRS-specific updates
  9. why not play with me
  10. Boot and use or any distro really, then install and use gparted to wipe them you could prooobably do this on windoze as well but idk which tools are competent for advanced partition management