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  1. Verbal warning issued for threating to do something with this users RSN. Behaviour like this wont help your case. @mrpeake I have reviewed a few of the pics and see you helped with some cooking xp(200k) and a few other things. but @Ronin completed most of the service. He had some issues with internet cutting out, and the service took longer than expected but you said that was ok in the chat logs. You cannot just refuse to pay the remaining balance. If you wish to pay less due to the slow completion and you having to help with some skills and quests we can try work something out. But refusing to pay a worker and blocking them is considered scamming.
  2. current stats 12k to 60 mining for lunars needs some agility thieving and a few other skills for dt and underground pass etc. already has femmy shilo village and a few other quests and alot of the skills done I can get 43 prayer if needed. post your price below