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  1. That doesn’t look like your finger
  2. Superman

    @led zeppy

    I’d like one pl0x
  3. Lemme fuck your sister
  4. I forgot all about that dude lol
  5. Superman

    @ all of you

    I don't play it. g2a had a sale where if you spent $20 you got a free game. My cart was at $18 and minecraft was like $4 so i just bought it so i could get the free game I have windows 7 cuz I never upgraded to win10 when it was free cuz i wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. now it costs $$ and i like win7 Been gucci. literally nothing has changed in my life in the past 4 years. went snowboarding in california for the first time ever last month and snapped my collar bone. now im about to get a new job that pays great and thats about it. what about you my guy?
  6. Superman

    @ all of you

    two things 1. i accidentally bought minecraft for windows 10 (i have windows 7) and i cant get my money back. does anyone want the code? i just want like 3m osrs 2. Why does my taskbar do this?? i have steam pinned but when i open it it opens the program up and takes up an extra space on my toolbar
  7. if u need something funny to watch while doing an ez skill or something heres a good one
  8. I need to discuss some things that I can't seem to figure out. Ive watched tons of videos that try to explain it but they dont touch on certain parts. There's probs gonna be spoilers in here so leave if you haven't seen it yet
  9. Hey retard do I have you added on Steam I don’t remember. If we played RL would you wanna play on Pc or sexbox

    1. Superman


      Also wtf. Why does your green admin status show up on profile comments but not my cyan sponsor status. I want my money back 

    2. Chris


      its cross platform now you can play on any, I'll be on xbox

  10. You will get many ladies with your accent
  11. Are you gonna come to my wedding too
  12. do you have gp? sell me gp. everybody is offline rn and i need a dragon warhammer
  13. I’ll buy it if you give me a good rate not a chink rate. Can do PayPal or btc edit: just saw you offer a guy .79/m that’s poo poo price I see people on sythe offering .68-.73
  14. rocket league is fully cross platform now and you still wont play with me

    1. Superman


      im down to shrek some noobs whenever just ring my line baby xoxo

  15. chinese charge too much. id pay via btc or paypal. only want like 40m ish