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  1. I forgot to thank you for the script witch u made back in the days OScrabber. i maxed my pures combats with dat. Ty

  2. Thank you for the feedback, will look into your suggestions! The mouse movements are entirely controlled by RSBot so I can unfortunately not tweak those.
  3. OSHunter The most efficient hunting script on powerbot. OSHunter supports all the popular hunting methods of OSRS. NPC specific hunting strategies have been intelligently implemented to maximize hourly xp and money rates. Features Birds Deadfall traps Chinchompas Salamanders Swamp Lizards Red Salamanders Black Salamanders Falconry (all kebbits) Instructions Load RuneScape in fixed mode (not resizable). Deposit/bank all items not strictly needed for hunting. Sign in and go to your desired hunting area before starting the script. Done! The script will attempt to automatically configure everything and prompt you if it needs help in doing so. Preview
  4. OSFighter Your intelligent AIO fighter for OSRS! Features Smart monster fighting* Fights within a customizable radius Does not kill-steal Advanced looting system Picks up any item Allows for prioritizing loot over combat Banking Automatically walks to any bank on the surface of OSRS** Banks looted items Withdraws any amount of any item Full food support Eats anything Allows for prioritizing loot over food Ranging and magic support Customizable safespotting Full potion support (any potion!) Saving & loading of monster profiles to save time! Easy to use! No overly complicated/cluttered GUIs like other scripts! *rock and sand crabs are blacklisted **not all dungeons have been mapped out, feel free to make requests Preview Instructions Load RuneScape in fixed mode (not resizable) and sign in before starting the script If you want to kill a monster without an existing profile you have to start at the monster location In order for banking to work you must specify all items you wish to withdraw and their respective amounts FAQ Q: I have X issue (it doesn't do anything / it's not loading monsters in my area / nothing is happening etc.) A: Try the following before posting: Ensure you're NOT in resizable mode If you are in fixed mode please try restarting RSBot If restarting RSBot didn't work please try restarting your computer If neither of these fixed the issue feel free to make a post (include which of the steps you tried). Q: It stops unexpectedly, why? A: Please see above and try again. If that didn't resolve it please copy+paste the contents of the RSBot log here (Help -> View Log).
  5. OSCrabber The best crab killer on the market - rock and sand crabs supported! Features Rock crabs (Rellekka, east spot) Sand crabs (Zeah) Afk simulation All food types supported Banks Resets for optimal XP Does not steal crabs Full range support Loots and re-equips range supplies if you don't have Ava's accumulator Preview Testimonials FAQ Q: How do I get the script? A: Go to http://powerbot.org/scripts and add it. Ensure to browse OS. Q: Something is clearly malfunctioning A: Please try the following before posting: Ensure you're NOT in resizable mode in-game If you are in fixed mode please try restarting RSBot If restarting RSBot didn't fix the issue please try deleting your cache (for Windows: %appdata%/RSBot, for Mac see: $TMPDIR) If clearing your cache didn't work please try restarting your computer (feel free to post below if your issue still persists) Q: It doesn't do anything... (killing rock crabs? Please ensure you're in the eastern area) A: Assuming you read the above please try restarting your computer.